Friday, October 17, 2008

Why are plus size clothes so tacky ?

I have been so upset lately over the styles and colors of plus size clothing that stores are putting out there. I would LOVE to start a movement demanding stores to care about us plus size shoppers and make cuter more stylish outfits for us !

Yes, we may be overweight but do we need to look like a mess too ?
I know a lot of beautiful plus size woman (myself included) and I do not think it is fair to us that our choices in clothing are so limited !

I mean, who wants to wear huge ugly colored floral patterns all over them, and us bigger sized woman definitely don't want it or people will think they just walked into a flower garden !
Or who that is plus sized wants to wear stripes across them to look like a beach ball ?

It is hard enough to find our size clothes and don't even get me started on the fact that plus sizes cost more (I will save that topic for another blog) PLEASE if anyone is reading from any clothing store that is the buyer for plus sizes or makers of plus size clothing PLEASE stop with this madness and ask US what we would like to see as far as styles and colors and outfit types !


Tara @ Feels Like Home said...

Here, here! I'd like to add - make the clothes AFFORDABLE! If I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit, I'd have it tailor-made.

MommyBrainReports said...

Thank you for this post!!! Seriously!!! Cuter and more affordable!!! Definitely something needs to be done about this!!!

Unknown said...

You really have to look. I like to catch the sales at Lane Bryant (online) and then search for coupon codes to get double savings.

Unknown said...

I love Silhouettes clothes and their catalog. and
Also has great clothes. My favorite is
I really don't like Walmart stuff or similar stores.
Oh yes the key is to search out those online coupons or mail coupons!
BBW stand up and be counted! :D

Mindi said...

Do you all have a CJ Banks near you? They also have an online store. I buy almost all my clothes there. They have sales every week in the stores, you can get things for up to 75% off a lot of the time - that's when I buy most of my stuff. Sometimes they'll have weekends where the entire store is 40% off - I live for those sales, I Must confess! Their stuff is cute and I feel pretty when I wear them. LOL the word verification is fatroide - is that on purpose? LOL! Sounds like a fat alien.

Diane said...

I agree! I went out looking for clothes this past weekend and the only place where I can find them to fit right is Catherine's. BUT, they are sooo expensive! Maybe we need to come up with our own line of clothing! :)