Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wonderful Visit to Bentonville Arkansas to WalMart HQ

I just recently returned home to Pittsburgh after a wonderful experience at the Walmart HQ located in Bentonville, AR.
The HQ is a humble building with a community of some of the nicest people I ever met. They treated the 11 moms and another group of ladies from an online survey group to a wonderful tour and gracious hospitality.
We met with the CEO Eduardo Castro-Wright, he is a wonderful guy that is committed to finding out what consumers want and doing what he can to make sure prices stay at their lowest while still keeping up with the quality of the products.
We also met with the Sustainability Senior Manager. He was extremely impressive to me. For all of you "GOING GREEN" people out there, please be assured they are doing their part to be green as well.
We also got to have a breakfast sponsored by Kellogg's and a grand "appetizer bar" set up by Coke a Cola. (At Coke I found out I am a Red Can girl). We learned a lot about the products and had a great time.
To top off the visit we were blessed with a meet and greet with the one and only Paula Deen who shared a candy making recipe with us and a talk with the great Harrison Ford! He talked about the new Indiana Jones movie and answered questions from the audience.
I was truly impressed with the entire visit and want to thank Walmart and John A. for a grand tour of Bentonville, hope to be back again soon!

PS. Watch for the new Paula Deen kid cookbook and new line of cookware at your local Walmart and also the Indiana Jones DVD when it comes out. Also check out the new CANOPY line of furniture, linens, and other beautiful,comfy, and inexpensive items, they are so wonderful and at a Walmart near you !


Diane said...

Your site looks great! I was glad to meet all of you in
Bentonville! Keep up the good work and soon it will all start coming natural for you.