Thursday, November 27, 2008

Coca-Cola at Christmastime

Look What I found !!! These adoreable Coke Ball Bottles at WALMART ! They are a Walmart Exclusive. They sell for $1.00. Get Yours TODAY before they are gone !

While Shopping at Walmart today, I spotted these cute little ball shaped bottles of Coke. I am a "red can" girl and I think these will make great stocking stuffers ! They can also be ornaments for your tree. Or if your a collector, these would be great too.

These bottles are only made in Mexico and only made for Walmart.

When I was there today they were selling like hotcakes! In my Walmart, they were right in front in a big cardboard bin that had 3 sections. So be sure to look for them.

On my Bentonville visit to Walmart, we also stopped by and visited Coca- Cola. They treated us to some great food, and of course wonderful Coke products. I tried FUZE and it is very tasty.

It was there that they told us and showed us (Blogger moms) these Ball-type Bottles for the first time and we all liked them and thought they were so cute !!

I couldn't wait for them to come out, and I am so glad I went to Walmart today and spotted them to buy some. They come in 3 designs. One has the Coca- Cola polar bears, one has The polar bears and Santa, and the last one just has Santa. They are 13.5 oz. bottles, and will fit perfect in a stocking. They all have the original formula Coca-Cola in them. They are all stamped with "Holiday 2008". I know my kids will adore these in their stockings since they are very unique, and special.

Get them before they are gone, they are only around for a limited time !


Mandy- Read. Write. Mom! said...

I love those Coke balls! My mom bought some last year and they were such a hit! And your new hair-do looks fabulous!

Betty said...

I saw these too, I was so excited! Aren't they cute? :)