Sunday, November 23, 2008


Come and Join Me tomorrow for a "Girls Night Out" online !! The site hosted by Mommy Gossip is holding a grand Giveaway. So I hope to see you there. They are giving away tons of great items !! So Be There or Be Square !! Make sure you RSVP because Party Crashers Are NOT ALLOWED !!!

Here is an excerpt w/details from their blog:
Mommy Gossip—GNO and are teaming up to give MANY lucky winners lots of fabulous FREE swag at GNO's Grand Giveaway Monday, November 24 from 5-10 p.m. PST (that's 8 p.m. for you east coast gossiping gals).Five hours of free finds? Can it be true? Yes! But wait... there's more! This week GNO is “talking shop” as in…. shopping with one of our favorite mommy bloggers—Jenni from Jiggety Jigg! Black Friday tips? You got it. Online sites to check out? We're in the know. Mom-made shops? Absolutely. In fact, all of our giveaways are from mom-made or mom-owned shops. And, all products are created from the best materials, utilizing the best methods.So, how can you get in with the virtual "in crowd" and snag some cool stuff? Take it step by step. I promise it's painless and worth the potential pot of gold at the end of the GNO rainbow! Get ready. Get set. Go!

Goto their blog now and RSVP... Click the link here :