Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Hair Makeover

<<---Before After ------->

I am having such a wonderful day, therefore having even MORE to be Thankful for! When I went to Bentonville, Arkansas with the Mommy Bloggers They all got to go to a local (Bentonville) salon and get their hair done with the "secret shampoo" that has now been announced to be Pantene. Well, I missed it because my plane got in too late, it even ended up being extra late because of plane problems. Anyways, needless to say I missed out on all the fun of going with them to get my hair done.

WELL.... The GRACIOUS Walmart Team that put together the trip gave me an alternative trip to a local salon in Pittsburgh to get my hair done. I must say, I was very disappointed to have missed this part of the trip, it definitely wasn't the same as if I would've went with the awesome blogging mommies, but it was very nice for Walmart to let me do this.And I am very grateful that they did.

My hubby even let me go alone no kids, so I could have a relaxing day getting my hair done (isn't he wonderful). Well, I figured since Walmart gave me this "prize", that I would share it with all of you by adding a post to my blog and showing you the before and after pictures.

I think the hairstylist did a great job and my hair is so shiny now and looks much better. THANK YOU WALMART !!!