Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PRODUCT REVIEW - Bakugan Battle Pack

The new age of marble playing is here. I got the chance for my 2 sons to try out this new concept of marbles and WOW was it a hit !!! The Bakugan are little creature-like magnetic marbles that come in a pack with some cards and a magnetic card. It is played like conventional marbles, where one tries to knock others out of the way. When the Bakugan hit the magnetic card they blast open and the "creature" may it be a dragon or other type of animal pops out, And the battle is ON !!!

You then take the cards which have points on them and battle with them as well. Whomever has the higher points wins the battle.

There are arena's and other items, like a Bakugan carrying case that you can buy to complement your magnetic marbles too but they aren't necessary to play this very fun and becoming increasingly popular game.

My kids are 9 and 11 and both enjoy playing this game. I DO NOT recommend for small children, like my 3 yr. old because there are small pieces and also they are magnets, if swallowed can be very harmful.
I actually enjoyed playing this myself and watching them open is very neat.

Different Bakugan have different point values as well, the higher of course the better.
I think these would be very cute stocking stuffer, and since it is a game will keep your kids busy for a while.

I purpose "girl Bakugan" like ones that open up into flowers or little dolls, something like that would be so cute for little girls too. Hmmm, maybe the Bakugan can pay me for my idea :) !!! LOL

All in all these are very fun toys and they are sold at Wal -Mart, Toys R US, Target, and Kmart. But hurry !!! Like I stated before they are getting INCREASINGLY POPULAR !!!


craftymamaof4 said...

Zac just told me about these yesterday, someone at school gave him one and he's bugging the crap out of me to take him to Walmart!

Susan G. said...

My 2 oldest 13 & 9 love these ! They even have my almost 2yr old saying Bakugan ( I posted a video on my blog). That is about all they have on their Christmas list.

tannage said...

I found a good site written for grown-ups as a guide to buying bakugan toys. Hope it helps!

~Pam said...

So THAT's what my son is talking about. lol I could see where he would like this. He's 9 and he absolutely loves games and card collecting where there are values or rankings or points associated with different levels.