Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Traditional New Years Eve/Day Faire In Pittsburgh with a German Flair

Every year since I can remember these are the traditional things we do in my family for the celebration of New Years Eve and Day.

We start off by cooking in the crock pot a day long mix of hot dogs, Kielbasa,and sauerkraut. And don't forget to put an apple in the sauerkraut to take the "bite" out of it and makes it a bit sweeter.

Then in a pot on the stove I cook on low and slow a big pot of hot and sweet sausage with onions and peppers and sauce. mmm makes the house smell so good.

After these we of course have the "junk food" chips, pretzels, popcorn, etc.. Which we munch on while the food cooks, we really don't eat much more the entire day till we eat at night. We also on occasion have cheese and mustard and pepperoni trays.

The tradition behind eating pork on New Years, my mom tells me, is because when pigs eat they eat forward (as in moving into the new year). I know a lot of people eat Chicken but she says this is bad luck, because when a chicken eats they "root" and "peck" backwards, therefore keeping in the past. This is what I been told anyways.

While waiting for midnight to come we play games, listen to music, and just spend time together. This year the kids are enjoying the new Wii from Christmas. We also enjoy watching on TV all the people all over the world celebrating before and after us.

Our dessert tradition on New Years every year we buy a New Years doughnut pretzel, which is broken right after midnight using hands and we all take a piece to share.
This is supposed to be good luck. (I was kinda upset this year because I just found out Walmart doesn't carry these anymore, the bakery lady at my Walmart said they were too messy ??)

In my family it is rare we drink alcohol, if we do it is usually wine, and sometimes champagne, unless it is Guinness Stout that my husband occasionally consumes (blah). So sometimes we do a toast at midnight and sometimes we don't just depends.

At the arrival of Midnight (about 15 minutes prior) I don't buy those party noise makers and horns and such, instead I break out my older pots and pans, and toy horns my kids already have and we go out on our front porch and run around the house like crazy people and bang them and yell "Happy New Year" as soon as the ball drops in Time Square. (It also saddens me that Dick Clark is older and cannot do this anymore).

The final tradition after we all hug and kiss and runabout is that a Dark Haired man MUST be the first to come through the front door of the house first for the new year, which is very easy here, since my husband fits the part. So he gets to go back inside first.

While outside in Western PA (I never been anywhere else on New Years Eve So I don't know if it happens anywhere else) there are fireworks that people set off and tons of guns shooting (My dad used to shoot his gun off 3 times). Some people ring big bells and you can hear car horns beeping and people screaming everywhere.

And that's about it in a nutshell. Afterward, we maybe eat some more and play some more games if we aren't too tired. Then we just go to bed.The next day we eat pretty much the same leftovers, because there is always so much.

Please don't drink and drive, I care about you too much to lose you.
And may your 2009 be healthy, happy, prosperous, and the best one ever!

Hail to the Queen - Consumer Queen that is!

I have to share with you one of my favorite inspirational people and blog, that I absolutely love to visit. It is The blog of The Consumer Queen which you can visit here :

As you can see on my blog I have her badge and widget posted. (And now 2 Vlogs)

I want to help get others inspired by her absolutely wonderful deals and skills. Please watch the following video's of her on YouTube, and you will see why I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how she does her "thang" :)

I highly recommend that you subscribe to her blog and if you twitter, follow her @consumerqueen

Recently I decided to act upon the inspiration she has given to me and I went out and bought everything I need to create a coupon binder like hers. I cannot wait to get it all together and organized and begin to use it.

I am making it one of my New Years Resolutions this year, to try become a "Consumer Princess" and save money by organizing my coupons better and sending in more rebates and ebates.

Happy New Year, and may you too become a "Consumer Princess" and save more then ever this year and become a wiser more informed consumer.


Consumer Queen Gets $300 in groceries for

Clipping your Coupons 101

Freebie Fun I Found and want to share

I recently came across some wonderful Freebies while perusing the Internet and I would love to share these awesome freebies with you.

1. Free Scented Bookmark here from Claire Burke:
after signing up you will also get a promo. code to save $5 off your order of $25 or more!

2. Free Food Storage Container from Golden Harvest here:

3. Free photo frame from here :

4. Free ALL Natural Baked Doggie Treats from Doggy Delightz :

5. Free Mary Kay Mascara :


TWITTER CRUISE Summer 2009 !!!

Twitter By The Sea

BIG event hitting Twitter and you are invited!
"Twitter By The Sea!"

Themed Cruise For Bloggers, Social Media, WAHMS, Inspirational Speakers, recently added by demand Network Marketers.

Special thanks to my twitter friends @perrybelcher for Giving the Cruise it's Title, also @Sugarkisses and @1stopmom for requesting a Bloggers Cruise! I am excited to announce that we are planning a Themed Cruise for 2009 in August (may change, based on demand). Itinerary for the Cruise will be tweeted and posted on my blog December 29, 2008. Check back for updates!

We have been tweeting surveys, gathering information, and looking for Twitter friends that would like to participate. We have been asking questions such as

1. Who are your favorite Bloggers?
2. What blogger would you love to meet?
3. Would you like to learn how to blog?
4. Would you like to be a Guest Speaker?
5. Would you like to attend a Social Media Cruise?
6. Would you like to attend a WAHM Cruise?
7. Would like to become a WAHM?
8. Who inspires you on Twitter?

9. Which Motivational Speaker would you like to meet?

We received several emails, DM'S, and retweets from Twitter friends such as @TexasSnowman, @Conniegreen, @PlusSizeMommy, @dalesio, @CathyBend, @hotchoccarmocha, @PamEvans, bunnies28, tamerrashdan, aceconcierge, Vhutchisoncoach We appreciate the overwhelming responses, and DM's (emails) regarding Cruise ideas, wanting to learn more info, wanting to participate, and sharing your favorite Bloggers, Social Media, and WAHMS.

Me and my Twitter friends are hoping to meet
@perrybelcher, @chrisbrogan, @marismith, @momversation, @scobleizer @chrispirillo, @paintermommy, @drmommy, @thedailyblonde, cgccoach, coachkaren, @internetguy, WillieCrawford, sundaycosmetics, Marriage_Zone, dcrblogs on the cruises. Can you imagine meeting Tweeples that are supportive, creative, and powerful key players on the internet? We also have another guest, who we are trying to get on Twitter, he is known Worldwide Best selling author of several books. We will announce him soon. Check back for updates!Let's make it happen in 2009! Thanks too @thedailyblonde, @paintermommy @perrybelcher for all the work they have already contributed! Looking forward to having you as Guest speakers!

My friends, here are the updates for the Cruise request.

We are still gathering information, preparing surveys, and waiting for confirmations from our invited guest speakers! We are having fun planning the cruise. Here are the destinations we are considering Jamaica, or Bermuda leaving Departures will be from either New York, NY or Florida. The Cruise line will be Carnival. There is an overwhelming response for Hawaii! However, we are trying to stay within 6 Days and 5 Nights. Destinations, and departures may change based on the demand of our fellow Tweeples request. Not in the United States? Plan your vacation around your business trips to the U.S. and welcome aboard! Please come back and view this blog for updates!

We would like to give back to our fellow Tweeples travel accommodations! *$0 for the cost of the cabin! Yes, our promoters, and guest speakers, coordinators will cruise for a fraction of the cost. Example: *I will cover the cost of the cabin, you will only pay taxes, surcharges, and port fees! What away to take a lovely vacation, meet your fellow Tweeples, learn, network, and see the world!

All details will be in upcoming post. Please continue to give feedback, retweet, and get your Blogger, Social Media, WAHM, Inspirational, Humor, Network Marketers Tweeples involved!

**Hashtag for the event: #TwitterCruise

We are shooting for
  • Promoters who will promote the Cruise (flyers, websites, blogs etc.)
  • Six Guest speakers (based on demand)
  • 3 Coordinators/helpers

Once you have made the decision to participate, please email your profile to Subject: #TwitterCruise

  1. Copy the HTML below the "Twitter By The Sea" button located on the right panel, paste it on your blogs and or website.
  2. Copy the HTML below the "Book Now" button located on the right panel, paste it on your blogs and or website. "Book Now" button coming soon
  3. Post about the event on your own blog. Please include the link to your post in your comment.
  4. Fill out the survey on the right panel of this blog.
  5. Leave a comment with your name, email, and the position you want to participate in.
  6. Tweet your heart out. Let other Tweeples on Twitter know about the fun event! Please use the **hashtag, #TwitterCruise in your tweets.
  7. Contact @TheDailyBlonde for details (once completed steps 1-6)

You're next!

If you would like to participate, click on the comment link enter your name and URL, start working on steps 1 through 7. Thank you, for your participation!

Not chosen to participate? You're still involved! We will be sharing numerous resources, comedy, inspiration. Hmmm... what is your most embarrassing moments as a WAHM? Did your child do something wrong that you couldn't help but laugh at? What techniques you use to gain the support of your spouse, while working your WAHM business? What are the best templates, platforms, plug-ins for blogging? What are the best SEO Tactics.....You never know... might be something fun or learning experience in it for you!

Would you like to offer a giveaway for this fun filled event? If you would like to sponsor a giveaway, please leave a comment or send a email to with **hashtag, "#TwitterCruise Sponsor" in the subject. We are accepting giveaways for everyone in mind - Bloggers, Social Media experts, WAHM, Network Marketers! Please include your Twitter URL eg:

Hope that you join us! Can't Join us? Receive a Travel Giveaway, Once you Grab the Button to the upper right panel!

  1. Grab the button
  2. Post button to your website or blogs
  3. Leave a comment with your Link and email address along with your choice of one Travel Voucher ie: Cruise, Companion airfare, or Hotel Accommodations
If you are not on Twitter and would like to participate register for Twitter and follow me for updates

Happy Tweetering!

Monday, December 29, 2008

"My Coloring Thing" by Pixelated Press Review/Giveaway and COUPON CODE !

I am so excited to share with my readers today this amazing new program from Pixelated Press !
It is called "My Coloring Thing" and it is wonderful. My children, and I must admit -myself, have been having a total BLAST playing with these and creating so many versions and so many pictures. This is an "interactive computerized coloring book" for kids of all ages. The various kits include Zoo Animals, Musical instruments, Favorite Dogs,
ballerina/tomboys, super heroes, archangels, "The Things We Feel" (emotions) and more to come in this expanding library. I assure you the brilliant colors and ease of "painting" will keep your children's attention for hours!

Since there are so many options to choose from your children will not get bored easily.
My older sons favorites were the Musical Instruments because they both play (one violin and one viola) and I love the fact that they learn while they are coloring and also can hear what the instruments sound like and the music. My daughter who is 3 loves the zoo animals one. She loves to use her creativity and color the lion green (her favorite color) and flamingos orange, just for fun. Plus she is learning the sounds and fun facts about the animals too.
And me, well, I love them all !!

I also love that I can print the pictures my children make, I can save them, they can erase and start all over again. It is so much fun. (have I said it is fun yet?)

It is the best way to learn, while having fun !
Please read here for more info. on "My Coloring Thing"

MY COLORING THING (MCT) is easy to use, but also jam-packed with features for both kids and parents. Enjoy coloring, music and learning in a fun to use interface. Or print out the line art to color on paper!


For All Your Artists My Coloring Thing is designed to work with as many children (or adults!) as you may have in your family. Each gets their own User Name so everyone can color their own copies of the images. You never have to worry that Sally will draw over Bobby’s work, it’s all kept separate. Add New Coloring Kits Choose from our growing library of new coloring kits, and add them to your child’s collection. Each contains 10 images, 10 matching musical scores, and 10 matching Fun Facts for hours of enjoyment. Instant Save MCT auto-saves all art as it’s created. So you never have to worry about losing your child’s work. Child-Safe Computers MCT makes it safe to put your young child on your expensive computer without worries. Once the parent logs the child into their own User Name, the child will not be able to exit or access any other program or desktop. Application switching is also disabled while in MCT. Your computer is password protected and its files are kept safe! Internet Child Safety Unlike some online coloring options, MCT keeps your child OFF OF THE INTERNET and away from adult content.


Simple For All Ages MCT has the most elegant and easy to use interface you will ever find. Perfect for the young artist! Pick a color, pick a brush, pick the image you want to color. Start having fun! Designed For Learning MCT intentionally omits painting tools like fill buckets and instead asks the child to use and develop their eye-hand coordination and motor skills. The benefits are tremendous!

So, There you have it. Now, you know I won't let my fabulous readers down right ?, right, so... of course there is a Give-away.
This one is going to be unlike any other, and fun to do. It will be a "coloring contest" The Phenomenal people from Pixelated Press have given me gift certificates to give four (YES 4 !)
Coloring kits away to 4 of my lucky readers. (and you get to choose which kit you'd like). I think this is my most exciting contest yet! Pay Attention cause here is how you need to enter:

Those entering can visit and download the demo (it will work in pc or for mac), have your child color in one of the two images available,
and submit their entry to me at by using the "EXPORT" button under parental controls to send the pic to me at :
I know it will be a hard task for me, but I will then select 4 of my favorites, which I will post on my blog with the winners names. Sound like fun ? I think this will be so neat, and I cannot wait for the pictures to start "rolling in' my email. Please enjoy and have fun with this. Creativity is key !!! Please include your child's first name and age with the picture in the email (this info. name and age will be posted on my blog with the picture, so please make sure you are okay with that before entering). This contest starts immediately and ends at 7pm on Monday January 5th. Winners will be notified via email (make sure I have your email) by January 6th.

- As an added BONUS I have a Coupon Code for 25% off of your entire purchase if you buy a "My Coloring Thing" Kit or Kits. We all love a deal so this one is fantastic !! Just enter this code:
plus20 when you check out.

Copyright © 2008 MyColoringThing.

BRATZ KIDZ Wii game Review and Giveaway !!!

We recently had the opportunity to review another game from the Game Factory. This time it is a Nintendo Wii game called : Bratz Kidz. It is Rated E for Everyone. It comes with a Free compact (mirror) for your little girl to play with also, which is a cute addition to the game.

This Wii game has many mini-games that you can play as you go through the menu's. You can create your own profile and it is a 4 player game, so your friends can play too. Once you enter your profile you choose which Bratz girl you would like to be and then you can join the "sleepover" with your friends.

There is a photo album, a game mode, and you can even "shop". There are different difficulty levels that you can play through. Some of the games that are included are: a sleeping bag race, fashion photography, sew cool, apple pie attack, and a magic mirror, amongst others.

My 3 year old daughter liked playing around with the games but I think my niece who is 9 enjoyed it much more. I would recommend this game for an older girl like maybe 6 and up. They would get a lot more enjoyment out of it.

I actually had a nice time looking around the game and playing some of the mini games. They were fun.

Key Features

  • Play 11 brilliant mini-games and activities including choreography, music and clothes design, Friendship tests and photo-sessions!
  • Collect stars use them to buy items to customise your character in the Bratz Kidz shop
  • Fully customise with over 350 accessories options including hairstyle, make-up, manicure, clothes, shoes and jewellery – totalling 843750 different combinations!
  • Play in Freeplay or Album mode, then choose Competition or
  • Play with up to 3 friends in multiplayer mode. Exchange items, play mini-games and more!
  • Complete all the mini-games and unlock exclusive scenes from the Bratz Kidz™ Sleep Over Adventure DVD

Now the Fun part for you !!! The gracious Game Factory has given me the opportunity to do a giveaway to one of my loyal lucky readers. Here is how to enter: You MUST complete One of the first 3 before you can do any bonuses. Also you must do each comment separately for them to count individually.

1. Go visit and comment to me one other Wii game they offer for a 3 - 6 yr. old.
2. Go visit and comment to me one other Wii game they offer for a 12+ year old.
3. Follow my blog


1. For 1 bonus entry follow me on Twitter (@plussizemommy)
2. For 2 bonus entries Tweet this review/giveaway on Twitter and leave your "tweet info." in a
3. For 5 bonus entries make a donation (any amount to my Spreading Sunshine fund)
4. For 5 bonus entries blog about this review/giveaway on your blog, and comment to me where
to find it

THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK !!!! This contest starts immediately and ends January 2nd at 4pm. Winner will be drawn by number generator, and will be notified by January 3rd. Please make sure I have your email address so I can contact you if you win.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Game Factory Nintendo DS Winners !!!! Congrats !

Congrats to my 3 newest winners, They each won a Nintendo DS game from THE GAME FACTORY!

Miss Nessa - Zenses- Ocean
Susan Heim - Zenses - Rainforest
donna444444 - Bratz Ponyz 2

You have 24 hours to contact me with your home mailing addresses so I can have The Game factory get your game out to you !! Enjoy and thanks for reading my blog and entering my giveaway !!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Money, Sex and Kids Book Review and Giveaway

Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage
By Tina B. Tessina, PhD
(Adams Media 2008) ISBN #1-59869-325-5 256 pages, trade paper, list $12.95

“With a Ph.D., 11 books, and 30 years of counseling experience under her belt…Tina Tessina has a lot to say about the everydays of life and love.”

Ask any married couple what issues raise turmoil in the marriage and all will agree: money, sex, and kids.

These three universal conflicts—that over time can erode even the strongest unions—are cornerstone issues. A prescriptive, practical guide, MONEY, SEX, and Kids: Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage (January; Trade Paper Original; Adams Media) by popular author and therapist Dr. Tina B. Tessina shows couples how to deal with their differences surrounding these divisive issues and resolve them before divorce court is the only option.

Breaking down proper etiquette for marital debate, as well as offering creative approaches to issue-specific problem-solving, MONEY, SEX, and KIDS provides readers with:
· Sample scripts to properly handle arguments
· Guidelines and exercises to deal with marital conflict
· Cases of other couples who have tackled the money, sex, kids conflict triangle

With 40 percent of all first marriages and 50 percent of all second marriages ending in divorce, America’s 56 million married couples need help. Dr. Tessina offers struggling couples a much-needed fresh look at what is mean to be married—and what it takes to stay that way.

Tina Tessina, PhD, MFT has been a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in California since 1978. She is the author of 12 books, including The 10 Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make Before 40 and The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again. Her most recent books are It Ends with You: Grow Up and Out of Dysfunction, How to Be a Couple and Still Be Free, and The Real 13th Step. Her practice includes individual and couple counseling. She’s been happily married for twenty five years.

You can purchase your copy now at Amazon here :


I recently had the chance to read and review this very insightful book. It is very easy to read and understand and extremely helpful. It actually provides sample scripts and exercises to read on how to handle arguments and marital conflicts.
It really has great tips and ways to help you understand each other.

Also has ways to work on solutions without letting your emotions take over. Helps you to separate out the two.

It explains situations that a lot of married people go through and walks you through them. One things I have always learned is if you can "get through" things instead of being "stagnant" weather it be marriages, death, conflicts, whatever, if your moving through, it is a part of the healing, Being stagnant isn't going to help in any situation. Also you both need to be able to co-operate (an age old lesson learned from Sesame Street that we teach our children everyday, but do not always follow ourselves as adults) and come to a middle ground. Both people in a marriage need to be able to bend a little.

In this book I love the outlined guidelines, situations, Struggles, and solutions.
I believe this is a wonderful resource for anyone in a marriage, if you are having problems or not, because a lot of the techniques can be used if modified in other situations. This is a very good book that I highly recommend.

Especially with the holidays just ending, a lot of people are working on new 2009 budgets and money may be an issue right now. This book may REALLy come in handy! SOOOO...

The wonderful author Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D. has offered a book to one of my lucky readers as a giveaway on my blog.
Here is how to enter this giveaway:

1. Visit and comment back to me what the name of her BLOG is ?
2. visit and comment what the name of her NEWSLETTER is ?
3. Comment on my blog how you think that this book can help you and your marriage?

YOU MUST COMPLETE at least 1 of the above before doing a bonus below!!!
Bonus entries:

4. Sign up to Follow My blog
5. Follow me on Twitter
6. Donate to my Spreading Sunshine Fund (any amount)

PLEASE comment each one above in a SEPARATE comment. This giveaway is open to US residents ONLY (sorry), Contest begins immediately and ends at 5pm on Thursday January 1st (Happy New Year). Winner will be chosen by .
Winner will be contacted by January 2nd. And also winner will be posted on this blog. Thank you for reading and entering my giveaway !! Good Luck !

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Angels at Christmas time = Merry Christmas !

Sunday, December 21, 2008

ChicBuds Winner

The CHICBUDS winner was Comment # 3 ClassyMommy :)
I have notified her. CONGRATS CLassyMommy !!!

I Never Grew Up is Giving away a Flip Ultra

Would you like to gift a flip or perhaps buy one for yourself?
Well, I never Grew Up is Giving one away !!!

Simple to Shoot

* Sleek, pocket-sized camcorder with one-touch recording
* Built-in flash memory holds up to 60 minutes of high-quality video
* Start recording within 3 seconds of power-up
* Fast lens for great results in low and bright light; 2x digital zoom
* 1.5” color anti-glare playback screen for instant viewing and deleting
* Flip-out USB arm plugs directly into your computer for easy sharing and archiving
* TV connector cable included to watch videos on television
* Tripod mount fits any standard tripod

Simple to Share

* Built-in software for instant viewing, editing, and one-click emailing
* Integrated video uploading to AOL, MySpace, YouTube, and other video sharing sites
* Easily capture still pictures from video
* Simple editing tools let you make custom-edited movie mixes with music
* Create and organize your personal video library

Here’s what’s in the box:

* Flip Video Ultra Camcorder
* Soft carrying pouch
* Wrist strap
* Flip Video Ultra TV cable
* Two AA batteries
* Quickstart Guide


Well, follow these instructions very carefully. It would be a shame if you won and I had to go on to the next name because you did not follow the rules!

1. Comment on this post ONCE, that is right ONCE, if you are blogging about it, include it in that ONE comment.

2. To have yourself entered into this giveaway 10 ADDITIONAL TIMES, blog about this giveaway (but remember put it in your ONE comment).

3. Very important, visit Flip Video Store and comment on what product, accessory or feature YOU would enjoy.

This Giveaway ends January 2nd, 2009 at 7pm (MST).

GO to this Link and enter today !!!

Thank you for holding this great giveaway !

Saturday, December 20, 2008

WOW I have won a lot !!!

I have sat here today and was thinking about all that I have won lately. It truly amazes me so I decided to share it my list of SWAG I have won (cause sharing is nice, not that I want to brag, hehehe)

The Happy Panda Baby snappie - From Happy Panda Baby
Bakugan set - From @craftymamaof4
Car seat ID card - From MyPrecious Kid
Home Is Calling Pillsbury gift Basket - From The MyBlogSpark Network
List Caddy - From Mommy Brain Reports
Helpful Hallies Mighty Miracle Mist - from Family Eden Site Warming Party
Social Media Marketing Kit - From Hubspot
Spa Basket - From The Classy Closet on Blogtalk Radio
Subscription to the Stork magazine - From The Classy Closet Twitter party
Zooni Panda hat - Thrifty & Chic Mom
ruby heart pendant with chain and stud ruby earrings- From gemaffair Tweetback Jewelry Contest
Mrs Gibson's Atelier handmade button charm bracelet (mother of Pearl - From Colleen Stearns
Katy Perry autographed poster - The Sims 3 Tweet contest
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser $40 Hand Vac.from @pawluxury
$50 electronic gift card from the Nabisco Ritz Crackers Game !!! (3rd prize)

WOWEE that is 15 things and the year isn't even over yet !!!


Beth Davis, @PlusSizeMommy, is a 33 year old Christian mommy of 4. Her children are ages 11, 9 (two boys) and 3yr. and a 6mo. old (girls). She has been married to her husband (who is from Jamaica) for 12 years. She was also a Foster mommy to two adorable boys for a year. It was one of the hardest things in the world when they had to leave.

She likes to travel, swim, play computer games and board games, garden, take surveys and enter contests. She loves animals and spending time with family. She loves to do things in her church. She loves to scrapbook, although she never has enough time to do so. She likes to do crafts and cook and bake. She loves various types of music. She loves Steeler football.

She is on the board at her local playgroup as the Treasurer. She is also very involved in her kids' school PTO.

Beth has a degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Phoenix and loves to write.

She is currently trying to get a program up and running called "Spreading Sunshine".

She has worked in Child care first in an infant room for 3 years, and then in toddlers for 2 years, then in PRE- K classroom for 1 year. She has also worked in afterschool programs within urban schools for 6 years. Finally, she ended up working as an enrollment specialist in the child care center for 5 years. (So you can see she has a ton of experience working with children of a range of ages).

Beth then decided to become a Stay at Home mom, so she can raise her children and not have someone else doing it. Her 3 yr. old daughter was born with birth defect in her lung and has undergone 2 lung surgeries at the age of 7 months, this is what ultimately made her decision to be a SAHM.

She has been extremely Blessed in her life and I she is humbled by everyone around her. She loves to learn about and tries to surround herself with people of various cultures to learn more about the world around her.

She was born and raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. She loves doing what she can within her community and she loves to help others, that is her passion and mission in life. She loves to help people be happy.

Her philosophy in life is to never judge people.

I would Love to hear from you :)

I would LOVE to hear from you PLEASE CONTACT ME HERE :

SIMS 3 Intro. game WINNERS !!!

We have our 2 winners for the SIMS 3 Intro. game:
Congrats to:

Please email me your home addresses within 24 hours to claim your prize :)

Spreading Sunshine

Everyone has heard of "Paying It Forward" OR even "playing It Forward", well this is what the "Spreading Sunshine Fund" is all about.

Here is how it works: All of the Donations I get I buy assorted items with such as gift cards, small trinkets, kids toys, food products, etc. And sometimes, it is just me using cash.

Some examples of Spreading Sunshine are that I would pay for the car behind Me's meal in a drive Thru, I can make food gift baskets and place them on random peoples porches with a message inside., I can randomly choose a home that I know has children (I have either spotted children there, or there are signs, IE: toys in yard) and I drop off a gift bag filled with toys, stuffed animals, etc. , I can take gift bags into assisted living buildings, with puzzle books, blankets, and leave them on the door knobs, same as for apartment buildings. I can pay for the person behind Me's groceries at random. There are all sorts of ways to come up with to put smiles on people faces.

***The key is it is ALL at Random and Unexpected, to Brighten One's Day and "Spread Sunshine".

My Mission: Is to do this as often as I can, to as many people as I can, in as many area's as I can.

I hope to be able to get donations (none too small or large) to be able to fulfill this dream of mine.

I love to be able to put a smile on peoples faces and help people. I am all about giving.

Here is an example of a letter I would leave in a gift bag or even can give to the cashier to hand to the person in line behind me or in the drive thru behind me.
(I print it off my computer on pretty paper)

Dear Friend,

You have been "Touched" by a ray of Sunshine, so this is your lucky day.

I know we don't know each other, but that is okay.

I just like to help people out in this very special way.

If you feel one day that you would be able to Spread some Sunshine too.

The person you "tag" will be so appreciative, just like you.

So when you get a chance just remember this day,

and spread some sunshine yourself in this very exact way.

You will have a feeling inside like no other before,

knowing you made a difference that won't be ignored.

Here's to hoping you have a Great Day !

From, "Spreading Sunshine"

If you would like to Donate to the "Spreading Sunshine Fund" please click on the "Donate" button on my blog and give as much as you can. Thank you in advance, your donation will go a long way to brightening someone's day.

If you would like to be a "Spreader of Sunshine" in your area, please email me, I would love to help you set that up.

email :

Friday, December 19, 2008

A cool holiday commercial from Walmart and Coke, says "twitter" in it :)

Celine Dion Fans : READ HERE :

If you're a fan of Celine Dion or just love great live entertainment, check out Celine’s Taking Chances World Tour. Her North American tour dates have been extended into February ’09 so take a look and see if she’s coming to your town. Celine’s concert tickets may just be the perfect gift for a friend, family member or yourself. See what the show is like here.

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