Sunday, December 7, 2008

Homemade Ornaments

Part of what makes decorating the tree so memorable is the ornaments that are on it. Looking through your ornaments is a trip down memory lane, bringing to mind all the happy times these ornaments recall.
I always buy at least 1 new ornament every year to put on our tree. Also, I like to give ornaments as presents. I know every ornament I ever received as a present, I remember just who gave it to me and when. I also, of course always buy an ornament to symbolize special events that happen that year.
For example, I always bought a "babies first Christmas", "our new home", "just married" and ones like that. I still have photo ornaments of myself (my kids love to look at) from when I was a little girl. We used to make them at school. These are some of the best ornaments we have.
I also have "depression" ornaments and other very old ones from my grandparents, they have a special meaning and place in my heart too.
Well, an idea I would like to share with you is how to make your own special ornaments. Craftymamaof4 reminded me of how I did this project one year with my church and she was going to try it out with her boyscout troop, I hope it went well for her?(I am sure all the boys will remember her making these with them for many years to come)

#1 "TIE-DYED" balls - (simple)

you will need: clear glass ornaments, acrylic paint, empty egg carton

All you have to do is take the metal top off of the ornament, squirt 1 or 2 colors of the paint into the ball, and twirl around to make a marbled pattern. Then place the balls onto the egg carton so they wont roll around. Let dry and it is done!
Very easy and fun, even for younger children, just be careful not to break the balls, as they can cut you easily.

#2 Wire Ornaments -

you will need: thin craft wire, small beads of various colors, needle nose pliers

Bend the wire into holiday shapes such as stars,candy canes, (hint: you can use cookie cutters as a template to bend it around). Thread the beads onto the wire shapes until it is completely covered with beads. Use the needle nose pliers to twist together the open ends to seal the ornament shut.

#3 Popsicle Stick Treasures

you will need : Craft sticks, glue, paint, glitter

Glue together the sticks into different shapes such as a tree or snowflakes.
paint and duct with glitter let dry and your done !

These are fun crafts that can be used at home with the kids and are even easy and inexpensive enough to share at a church or school party. HAVE FUN !


GeekMommy said...

Great ideas!! You *did* use these to enter all of those 11moms contests right? Just because I can't win $500 Gift Card doesn't mean you can't! :)

Love the new look!!