Monday, December 29, 2008

"My Coloring Thing" by Pixelated Press Review/Giveaway and COUPON CODE !

I am so excited to share with my readers today this amazing new program from Pixelated Press !
It is called "My Coloring Thing" and it is wonderful. My children, and I must admit -myself, have been having a total BLAST playing with these and creating so many versions and so many pictures. This is an "interactive computerized coloring book" for kids of all ages. The various kits include Zoo Animals, Musical instruments, Favorite Dogs,
ballerina/tomboys, super heroes, archangels, "The Things We Feel" (emotions) and more to come in this expanding library. I assure you the brilliant colors and ease of "painting" will keep your children's attention for hours!

Since there are so many options to choose from your children will not get bored easily.
My older sons favorites were the Musical Instruments because they both play (one violin and one viola) and I love the fact that they learn while they are coloring and also can hear what the instruments sound like and the music. My daughter who is 3 loves the zoo animals one. She loves to use her creativity and color the lion green (her favorite color) and flamingos orange, just for fun. Plus she is learning the sounds and fun facts about the animals too.
And me, well, I love them all !!

I also love that I can print the pictures my children make, I can save them, they can erase and start all over again. It is so much fun. (have I said it is fun yet?)

It is the best way to learn, while having fun !
Please read here for more info. on "My Coloring Thing"

MY COLORING THING (MCT) is easy to use, but also jam-packed with features for both kids and parents. Enjoy coloring, music and learning in a fun to use interface. Or print out the line art to color on paper!


For All Your Artists My Coloring Thing is designed to work with as many children (or adults!) as you may have in your family. Each gets their own User Name so everyone can color their own copies of the images. You never have to worry that Sally will draw over Bobby’s work, it’s all kept separate. Add New Coloring Kits Choose from our growing library of new coloring kits, and add them to your child’s collection. Each contains 10 images, 10 matching musical scores, and 10 matching Fun Facts for hours of enjoyment. Instant Save MCT auto-saves all art as it’s created. So you never have to worry about losing your child’s work. Child-Safe Computers MCT makes it safe to put your young child on your expensive computer without worries. Once the parent logs the child into their own User Name, the child will not be able to exit or access any other program or desktop. Application switching is also disabled while in MCT. Your computer is password protected and its files are kept safe! Internet Child Safety Unlike some online coloring options, MCT keeps your child OFF OF THE INTERNET and away from adult content.


Simple For All Ages MCT has the most elegant and easy to use interface you will ever find. Perfect for the young artist! Pick a color, pick a brush, pick the image you want to color. Start having fun! Designed For Learning MCT intentionally omits painting tools like fill buckets and instead asks the child to use and develop their eye-hand coordination and motor skills. The benefits are tremendous!

So, There you have it. Now, you know I won't let my fabulous readers down right ?, right, so... of course there is a Give-away.
This one is going to be unlike any other, and fun to do. It will be a "coloring contest" The Phenomenal people from Pixelated Press have given me gift certificates to give four (YES 4 !)
Coloring kits away to 4 of my lucky readers. (and you get to choose which kit you'd like). I think this is my most exciting contest yet! Pay Attention cause here is how you need to enter:

Those entering can visit and download the demo (it will work in pc or for mac), have your child color in one of the two images available,
and submit their entry to me at by using the "EXPORT" button under parental controls to send the pic to me at :
I know it will be a hard task for me, but I will then select 4 of my favorites, which I will post on my blog with the winners names. Sound like fun ? I think this will be so neat, and I cannot wait for the pictures to start "rolling in' my email. Please enjoy and have fun with this. Creativity is key !!! Please include your child's first name and age with the picture in the email (this info. name and age will be posted on my blog with the picture, so please make sure you are okay with that before entering). This contest starts immediately and ends at 7pm on Monday January 5th. Winners will be notified via email (make sure I have your email) by January 6th.

- As an added BONUS I have a Coupon Code for 25% off of your entire purchase if you buy a "My Coloring Thing" Kit or Kits. We all love a deal so this one is fantastic !! Just enter this code:
plus20 when you check out.

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Patty said...

My 4.5 yr old son and I tried MCT and found it difficult to color with the mouse and we printed the demo pictures,but he needed a break and didn't feel like coloring anymore.