Monday, December 8, 2008

Please Protect Your Pets by Planning Properly

The holidays can pose a host of hazards for your pets. Here are some pointers to keep in mind to keep these 4 -footed friends safe:

  • Beware of poisonous plants -Holly, Ivy, Mistletoe, and Poinsettia's can be deadly if consumed by most animals. Use faux plants instead for the desired look you want in your decor.
  • Keep your pets on their regular steady diet, resist the urge of feeding them holiday leftovers. Abrupt changes can upset your pets tummy.
  • Make sure your pets have a quiet place to go to when visitors come by, especially if it is a lot of guests.
  • Cats love to climb - so keep your Christmas tree safe guarded. Secure it so it wont fall over with a piece of fishing line that is anchored into the ceiling or wall.
  • Do not put candles or breakables where pets can pounce or knock over with a swish of their tail.
  • If travelling, make sure your pets are adequately secured and comfortable. Use a travel crate or safety seat belt.
  • and last but not least - Make sure to include them in the festivities by buying them some treats or a pet stocking to enjoy, after all they are a part of the family too :)