Sunday, December 7, 2008

Putting More Meaning Behind The Holidays This Year

For some, the Holidays this year will cause one to have an ill feeling in their stomachs. It could be linked to the fact that the Holidays are becoming more and more commercialized. This makes it feel more materialistic then ever.
We as parents need to make sure we keep to the true meaning behind the holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah. This task, however, is becoming increasingly harder. Advertisements start as early as October now, leaving many to question what drives the season. Deeper Sentiments are more often than not lost in the shuffle. We are busy attending events, and shopping, and sending out our cards on time.
But... Do we have to ?
This year why not try and slow down some, create thought-provoking traditions that can be passed down through the generations.
Practice patience and tolerance. Stay focused. Help others, Volunteer your time, and brighten someones day during the holidays. In fact you may feel so good doing it, you may make it into a year round activity ?
Choose Meaningful gifts - give gifts that suit the recipient, don't focus on the cost, and how much you "have to" spend, instead get what the person that can really use and appreciate.
Make it ALL a family affair. From decorating to preparing the holiday dinner, get everyone in the family involved.
Learn about other religions. Share in different celebrations with different faiths. Discover their traditions and see if you can incorporate some into your festivities.
Instead of trying to "outdo" your neighbors with all the pomp and circumstance of your dazzling outdoor decorations, instead use the money toward a neighborhood party where you can mingle and meet each other. Buy lite appetizers or have a "pot luck" with them.
and MOST importantly - put LESS EFFORT and EMPHASIS on gift giving, and Stress more on spending quality family time together. Togetherness, Faith, and the TRUE meaning behind each holiday.
have a Very Merry Holiday !!!