Thursday, December 11, 2008


While in Bentonville visiting the Walmart HQ, we also got to go on some side trips. We went to Campbell's, Kellogg's, and Coca-cola.

Well, I wanted to give a huge thanks to Campbell's because to my surprise I received a big box with 2 gift baskets in it from them. They are very nice. So I just wanted to share about it with you and show you these adorable baskets.
This can also be a great idea as something you could create yourself and give this holiday season. Especially to a party host, or even your kids teachers ?

The contents of these are, in the one, the bottom, instead of a basket is a Campbell's casserole dish, filled with everything you need to make green bean casserole. The 2ND basket is filled with an apron, cookbook, recipe card box with recipes, and a thermos.

These are awesome gifts ! My sincere THANK YOU to the Campbell's company for sending these to us.


Betty said...

These are too cute! How awesome! This is a great gift idea. Thanks for tip, was thinking of putting a gift basket together for our son's teacher but didn't know of what, until now! Thanks!

Diane said...

Didn't we have fun! I love these gift baskets! I just opened mine up today and going to blog about it too! Can't wait to make my first recipe.