Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things My family is doing to Save Money for the Holidays

This year with the way the economy is.. and how it is getting worse, Our family has decided to change our Holiday spending. We have a few ways we are doing this.

#1 we are buying more online gifts. This way we save time and gas by not driving to stores and waiting in log lines to check out. It is amazing how you can find many interesting gifts online too, that stores don't usually carry.

#2 We are thinking more outside the box and buying more practical gifts. Ones that can serve more than one purpose. For example. For stocking stuffer I bought the kids musical toothbrushes, they will love them, but I love them as well, cause maybe now I wont have to argue with them as much to brush their teeth.

#3 We made a budget and are sticking to it. This probably should have been #1 but I just remembered it. We have planned out who all we need to buy for this year, no one had to be cut, which is wonderful, but we did have to cut back some on each person.

#4 We decided to Combine gifts. Instead of buying a gift per person we decided to buy 1 "family" gift, this saves us a lot of money, but also, we get to get 1 bigger gift for the family to enjoy instead of a bunch of smaller ones. An example of this is: We would usually spend $50 per person for my sister and her family, which consists of 6 people total. $50 x6 = $300, so instead we bought them a Nintendo WII, that they all can play, and it only cost us $250 ! So right there we saved $50 and they will LOVE their gift, and we love the savings.

#5 Instead of the kids buying gifts for everyone, we have made homemade "from the heart" gifts this year. Such as Pretty glittery picture frames with their darling pictures in them for the grandparents, woven bracelets for girl cousins, baked goods for teachers and uncles, painted "pet rocks" for boy cousins, handmade potholders for aunts.
Also we made some homemade jams for people in our church.