Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Traditional New Years Eve/Day Faire In Pittsburgh with a German Flair

Every year since I can remember these are the traditional things we do in my family for the celebration of New Years Eve and Day.

We start off by cooking in the crock pot a day long mix of hot dogs, Kielbasa,and sauerkraut. And don't forget to put an apple in the sauerkraut to take the "bite" out of it and makes it a bit sweeter.

Then in a pot on the stove I cook on low and slow a big pot of hot and sweet sausage with onions and peppers and sauce. mmm makes the house smell so good.

After these we of course have the "junk food" chips, pretzels, popcorn, etc.. Which we munch on while the food cooks, we really don't eat much more the entire day till we eat at night. We also on occasion have cheese and mustard and pepperoni trays.

The tradition behind eating pork on New Years, my mom tells me, is because when pigs eat they eat forward (as in moving into the new year). I know a lot of people eat Chicken but she says this is bad luck, because when a chicken eats they "root" and "peck" backwards, therefore keeping in the past. This is what I been told anyways.

While waiting for midnight to come we play games, listen to music, and just spend time together. This year the kids are enjoying the new Wii from Christmas. We also enjoy watching on TV all the people all over the world celebrating before and after us.

Our dessert tradition on New Years every year we buy a New Years doughnut pretzel, which is broken right after midnight using hands and we all take a piece to share.
This is supposed to be good luck. (I was kinda upset this year because I just found out Walmart doesn't carry these anymore, the bakery lady at my Walmart said they were too messy ??)

In my family it is rare we drink alcohol, if we do it is usually wine, and sometimes champagne, unless it is Guinness Stout that my husband occasionally consumes (blah). So sometimes we do a toast at midnight and sometimes we don't just depends.

At the arrival of Midnight (about 15 minutes prior) I don't buy those party noise makers and horns and such, instead I break out my older pots and pans, and toy horns my kids already have and we go out on our front porch and run around the house like crazy people and bang them and yell "Happy New Year" as soon as the ball drops in Time Square. (It also saddens me that Dick Clark is older and cannot do this anymore).

The final tradition after we all hug and kiss and runabout is that a Dark Haired man MUST be the first to come through the front door of the house first for the new year, which is very easy here, since my husband fits the part. So he gets to go back inside first.

While outside in Western PA (I never been anywhere else on New Years Eve So I don't know if it happens anywhere else) there are fireworks that people set off and tons of guns shooting (My dad used to shoot his gun off 3 times). Some people ring big bells and you can hear car horns beeping and people screaming everywhere.

And that's about it in a nutshell. Afterward, we maybe eat some more and play some more games if we aren't too tired. Then we just go to bed.The next day we eat pretty much the same leftovers, because there is always so much.

Please don't drink and drive, I care about you too much to lose you.
And may your 2009 be healthy, happy, prosperous, and the best one ever!


greeneginger said...

I love your Traditions!!They are all so sweet!! It sounded like a good night all around definitely:)
Have a great year!!!
Bright Blessings;)

Betty said...

The doughnut pretzel sounds great. Too bad Wal-mart doesn't have it anymore :(

mariettamama said...

I love your traditions too! Your doughnut pretzel looks a bit like a king cake that Publix makes here in Georgia.