Wednesday, December 31, 2008

TWITTER CRUISE Summer 2009 !!!

Twitter By The Sea

BIG event hitting Twitter and you are invited!
"Twitter By The Sea!"

Themed Cruise For Bloggers, Social Media, WAHMS, Inspirational Speakers, recently added by demand Network Marketers.

Special thanks to my twitter friends @perrybelcher for Giving the Cruise it's Title, also @Sugarkisses and @1stopmom for requesting a Bloggers Cruise! I am excited to announce that we are planning a Themed Cruise for 2009 in August (may change, based on demand). Itinerary for the Cruise will be tweeted and posted on my blog December 29, 2008. Check back for updates!

We have been tweeting surveys, gathering information, and looking for Twitter friends that would like to participate. We have been asking questions such as

1. Who are your favorite Bloggers?
2. What blogger would you love to meet?
3. Would you like to learn how to blog?
4. Would you like to be a Guest Speaker?
5. Would you like to attend a Social Media Cruise?
6. Would you like to attend a WAHM Cruise?
7. Would like to become a WAHM?
8. Who inspires you on Twitter?

9. Which Motivational Speaker would you like to meet?

We received several emails, DM'S, and retweets from Twitter friends such as @TexasSnowman, @Conniegreen, @PlusSizeMommy, @dalesio, @CathyBend, @hotchoccarmocha, @PamEvans, bunnies28, tamerrashdan, aceconcierge, Vhutchisoncoach We appreciate the overwhelming responses, and DM's (emails) regarding Cruise ideas, wanting to learn more info, wanting to participate, and sharing your favorite Bloggers, Social Media, and WAHMS.

Me and my Twitter friends are hoping to meet
@perrybelcher, @chrisbrogan, @marismith, @momversation, @scobleizer @chrispirillo, @paintermommy, @drmommy, @thedailyblonde, cgccoach, coachkaren, @internetguy, WillieCrawford, sundaycosmetics, Marriage_Zone, dcrblogs on the cruises. Can you imagine meeting Tweeples that are supportive, creative, and powerful key players on the internet? We also have another guest, who we are trying to get on Twitter, he is known Worldwide Best selling author of several books. We will announce him soon. Check back for updates!Let's make it happen in 2009! Thanks too @thedailyblonde, @paintermommy @perrybelcher for all the work they have already contributed! Looking forward to having you as Guest speakers!

My friends, here are the updates for the Cruise request.

We are still gathering information, preparing surveys, and waiting for confirmations from our invited guest speakers! We are having fun planning the cruise. Here are the destinations we are considering Jamaica, or Bermuda leaving Departures will be from either New York, NY or Florida. The Cruise line will be Carnival. There is an overwhelming response for Hawaii! However, we are trying to stay within 6 Days and 5 Nights. Destinations, and departures may change based on the demand of our fellow Tweeples request. Not in the United States? Plan your vacation around your business trips to the U.S. and welcome aboard! Please come back and view this blog for updates!

We would like to give back to our fellow Tweeples travel accommodations! *$0 for the cost of the cabin! Yes, our promoters, and guest speakers, coordinators will cruise for a fraction of the cost. Example: *I will cover the cost of the cabin, you will only pay taxes, surcharges, and port fees! What away to take a lovely vacation, meet your fellow Tweeples, learn, network, and see the world!

All details will be in upcoming post. Please continue to give feedback, retweet, and get your Blogger, Social Media, WAHM, Inspirational, Humor, Network Marketers Tweeples involved!

**Hashtag for the event: #TwitterCruise

We are shooting for
  • Promoters who will promote the Cruise (flyers, websites, blogs etc.)
  • Six Guest speakers (based on demand)
  • 3 Coordinators/helpers

Once you have made the decision to participate, please email your profile to Subject: #TwitterCruise

  1. Copy the HTML below the "Twitter By The Sea" button located on the right panel, paste it on your blogs and or website.
  2. Copy the HTML below the "Book Now" button located on the right panel, paste it on your blogs and or website. "Book Now" button coming soon
  3. Post about the event on your own blog. Please include the link to your post in your comment.
  4. Fill out the survey on the right panel of this blog.
  5. Leave a comment with your name, email, and the position you want to participate in.
  6. Tweet your heart out. Let other Tweeples on Twitter know about the fun event! Please use the **hashtag, #TwitterCruise in your tweets.
  7. Contact @TheDailyBlonde for details (once completed steps 1-6)

You're next!

If you would like to participate, click on the comment link enter your name and URL, start working on steps 1 through 7. Thank you, for your participation!

Not chosen to participate? You're still involved! We will be sharing numerous resources, comedy, inspiration. Hmmm... what is your most embarrassing moments as a WAHM? Did your child do something wrong that you couldn't help but laugh at? What techniques you use to gain the support of your spouse, while working your WAHM business? What are the best templates, platforms, plug-ins for blogging? What are the best SEO Tactics.....You never know... might be something fun or learning experience in it for you!

Would you like to offer a giveaway for this fun filled event? If you would like to sponsor a giveaway, please leave a comment or send a email to with **hashtag, "#TwitterCruise Sponsor" in the subject. We are accepting giveaways for everyone in mind - Bloggers, Social Media experts, WAHM, Network Marketers! Please include your Twitter URL eg:

Hope that you join us! Can't Join us? Receive a Travel Giveaway, Once you Grab the Button to the upper right panel!

  1. Grab the button
  2. Post button to your website or blogs
  3. Leave a comment with your Link and email address along with your choice of one Travel Voucher ie: Cruise, Companion airfare, or Hotel Accommodations
If you are not on Twitter and would like to participate register for Twitter and follow me for updates

Happy Tweetering!