Friday, December 12, 2008

When Christmas Starts for me

A lot of people ask, "when do the holidays officially start for you?" Well, one of the ways is when this commercial comes on television. It is my all time favorite one. It is from a local restaurant in Pittsburgh, I think they may have new locations in other states now, but I know it is still pretty local. I wanted to share this commercial to all of my friends because I just adore it.
It is something that makes my Christmas special every year!!
Also, if you would like to see the background behind the commercial you can go to this site and see the history of it, it is very interesting.

To me, this is definitly one way I know the holidays have officially started - when this commercial comes on the TV. :) Happy Holidays from Plussizemommy !!!

You can view the commercial from youtube, it is on my right sidebar :)