Thursday, January 15, 2009

A beautiful win and gift for my mom

I have won a lot of things lately around the blogosphere and I love sharing what I have won and how much I like it.

Recently, I won this beautiful bracelet from Mrs. Gibson's Atelier from Collen Stearns blog @ "Living Life One Day at A Time". This is a handmade bracelet from her ETSY shop. And to my wonderful surprise, she also sent a pair of matching earrings ! They came beautifully hand wrapped.

Since I knew what it was when it came in the mail, I didn't open it, you see, It came right around my mothers birthday and I knew she would adore this gift. So I let her open it. She fell in love at first sight. She loves handmade things, and this was just perfect !!

The button bracelet and matching earrings are beautiful. If your ever looking for a special gift for someone kinda hard to buy for and you know they like hand made items, this is a no fail gift !

It is truly exquisite ! My mom said she wore it to work and the other gals she works with were just "googling" and "gawking" over it. I am so happy to have gotten her this one of a kind gift !

Thank you Colleen for the wonderful giveaway and thank you Mrs. Gibson for the beautiful bracelet and unexpected surprise matching earrings !!! (more than $21.00 value !!)


silverhartgirl said...

What a beautiful bracelet and a nice gift for your mom. Congrats on your win,

nicólle said...

What a pretty and unique bracelet, and such a nice gift for your Mom.

Colleen said...

I am so happy you received the bracelet and that you like it. (Your mom too!) How sweet of her to send you earings as well.

Mrs Gibson's Atelier said...

I am so glad your Mom liked it so much, I get such a kick out of making these things that it is very heart warming to know they are loved when they reach their destination. Thank you so much for your kind words regarding my work.
Best wishes and much love, Sam Gibson.