Saturday, January 10, 2009

Build-A-Bear Workshop® A Friend Fur All Seasons Review and Giveaway !!

REVIEW: My children recently got a chance to review the Build a Bear game for the Wii. They LOVED it. I was scared that it would be "too young" for them, because they are 9 and 11 years old. I think they also thought it wouldn't be fun and was too "babyish" for them, but after playing it, and discovering all the places you can go to and seasons you go through, it kept them content and busy for hours. My daughter who is 3 also liked to play it, so it was very nice that they were able to play a Wii game that they all could share, because it does cover all the ages.

I would recommend this game very highly for anyone who has children from ages 4 and up. It is rated E for everyone so it is a great game for all.

My 9 year old loves to be the turtle in the game, and my 3 yr. old daughter loves being the bear.
My 9 and 11 yr. old love the dances the characters do when they complete a mission.

I liked to watch them playing the sledding race the best, and also the ballerina one. It is a very fun Wii game.

Key Features

  • 2 different game modes! Discover and explore the 4 season-themed islands in the Adventure mode and play lots of fun mini-games in the Playground mode.
  • 20 fun mini-games to play including ice skating, build a snowman, a croquet party, a cool ride on a ladybug, throwing a Frisbee, and jumping on a jump stick. Some of the mini-games contain surprises too.
  • Find the 6 secret treasure spots hidden around the islands and dig up a magic chest with a surprise just for you!
  • Collect bear medals, other rewards and items to use in the Build-A-Bear Workshop. Choose from more than 80 items available to buy for your furry friend!
  • Natural and innovative game play that take full advantage of the unique features of the Nintendo Wii.
My friends at THEGAME FACTORY have come through again for me !!! They are offering to do a Give A Way to one of my lucky fantabulous readers !!!

Here is how to enter to win :

1. Follow me on my blog, you MUST sign up to be a follower to enter for bonus entries.
2. You MUST go to The Game Factory Site and comment to me which OTHER game platform that they sell the Build a Bear game for AND how many players can play this game.
(THE ABOVE # 1 and #2 count as 1 entry - please comment 1 time for them)

Bonus Entries: Upon completion of the above 2 for your main entry, you may then do these Bonus options.
1. Follow me on Twitter I am @plussizemommy
2. leave me a comment on which other Game Factory game you would love to have.

PLEASE COMMENT SEPERATELY FOR EACH ENTRY. Also, please make sure I have a way of contacting you via email in the event you shall win, if I cannot contact you, I will choose another winner. This contest starts immediately and will end on January 16th, 2009 at 5pm Eastern time. Winner will be contacted by January 17th. and I will also post winner on my blog.
Have fun and Thank you for following me and my blog and if you twitter, thank you for following me there too.


Sandy Jenney said...

4 players can play. Other platforms...I am guessing you mean that the Build a Bear also comes on Nintendo DS.

Sandy Jenney said...

Ok..I already messed up. The other 2 comments should have been on one post. Hee hee
I already follow you on twitter.

Mom on the Run said...

I'm following your blog.

The Build-a-Bear game is avalaible for Nintendo DS.

The text from the site is as follows: "Play 4 fun mini games – both single and multi player." I couldn't find specific info about number of players.

Mom on the Run said...

I follow you on twitter. If you are not following me, I am

Mom on the Run said...

The Rubik's World sounds interesting. I've never solved a Rubik's Cube, but might have better luck with the game1

hellokittiemama said...

hi there!!!

I follow you on twitter already (hellokittiemama) and I just subscribed to your feedburner feed in my google reader :)

I'd love this game for the Wii because it looks like one that my almost 4 year old and my just turned 8 year old would both LOVE.

I saw on Game Factory that it also comes for the DS.. I might have to look into getting it for our DS. I saw the Wii game was for 1-4 players.

I was looking at the Zenses games for the DS - I'd love to play that if I could ever get my DS out of my 8 year olds hands!!!!


joyfulnspirit said...

Ok, Beth, I'm trying...

Nintendo's A Friend Fur All Seasons is for up to 4 players and is available for the DS as well.

I follow your blog and also follow you on Twitter.

cdziuba said...

Ok. Players that can play: FOUR

System: Nintendo DS. Build-A-Bear can be played on it.

I have really become intrigued by Rubik's World. The description says it is a puzzle-type game, and I love puzzles. Thanks for the great giveaway.

Misty said...

i think im already following you. you can also play build a bear on the DS and can have up to 4 players. thanks for the opp.

janetfaye said...

Sorry just realized that this should be included in the first comment:

They have Build-A-Bear for Nintendo DS.
Play 4 fun mini games – both single and multi player

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

janetfaye said...

I follow on Twitter:

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Gloria said...

*4 players can play
*also available for Nintendo DS.

following as well.

Chloe said...


4 players...and also available for the Nintendo DS.

would love to win this, got a Wii for Christmas!!!

Celeste said...

Following! :D

- 4 players
- available for Nintendo DS.

contact me at:

Celeste said...

Would love to have the Strawberry Shortcake - The Four Seasons Cakes game too! :D

contact me at:

Becky said...

I subscribed to your feed via email. I tried to become a follower via blogger but it wouldn't give me that option?

The Build A Bear game also comes in the DS game format and the Wii format is for 4 players.

Thanks so much!

silverhartgirl said...

I am following your blog now
4 players can play
They have Build-A-Bear for Nintendo DS and the wii
Rubik's World looks very fun.

Cari said...

Added you to my Google Reader and I think I already followed you.

DS and up to 4 players

mom2anutball said...

Im following you and it has up to 4 players and the game also comes on DS.

Angie said...

I follow you on twitter too!!!
I think that Pet Alien for DS would be fun!! Much better than other pets...maybe it will shoot green goo at you or something.