Friday, January 30, 2009

The Diaper Clutch - Review (another fun win from the #eden sitwarming party !!!)

From Diaper Clutch Site :

Introducing...the diaper clutch

Keep your diapers and wipes in one convenient and stylish carrying case. Do your diapers get lost at the bottom of your diaper bag or over sized purse? Is it hard to reach those wipes when your hands are less than clean?

the diaper clutch keeps your diapers neat and the disposable wipes container conveniently fits inside the pouch with an easy access window! All you have to do is open up the flap and Voila! there's your wipe!

The inner pocket has enough room to fit two to four diapers and a disposable changing pad. There is even enough room for a small bottle of hand sanitizer for quick and easy clean-up!

Choose from many stylish fabrics...suitable for both boys and girls. Who says you have to sacrifice style for convenience?

Grab it and go for that quick outing or toss it in your diaper bag or oversized purse.

All diaper clutches are handmade, therefore, availability and shipping times may vary.


Another fabulous Win I recently have gotten is this Diaper Clutch. It is so pretty,

and I love the fabric. I picked the Paisley/Lime green one.

It is such a handy item to have for your purse. It definitely makes life with a baby a bit easier to handle. And If you are to purchase one, they run about $19.99, so that is a great price considering how fashionable they are, and all they help.

When your baby is 7 months like mine and squirming all around the changing table, and when your out and the changing tables have tons of germs and your trying to hold the baby, prevent germs, and get to the diaper and wipes, well, lets just say, this item is a "God Sent" at that time !!!

I am very happy to have won such a nifty little prize. I won it from the Family of Eden site warming party. Thank you so much Cynthia (Owner and Designer of the Diaper Clutch).

If you would like to learn more about and/or purchase one Diaper Clutch, go to their web site now :) **This would make a wonderful baby shower present.


Sandy Jenney said...

Beth! I want to give you some bloggy love....a double award. Go to my review site to pick it up.