Friday, January 23, 2009

EARCHECK - Middle Ear Monitor REVIEW

I have recently had the chance to review this awesome new product. It is called EarCheck.
It is a Middle Ear Monitor. It is FDA approved and used and recommended by pediatricians.

As a parent with 4 children, and a long history myself having ear infections, I was thrilled to have this product to review. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and try it out. As soon as I got it in the mail, I tried it on all of my kids!

I know how painful ear infections are. Firsthand, I have had tubes in my ears over 11 times since I was a baby. And I know a lot of moms have kids that have reoccurring ear infections. It is a horrible experience. One of the worst pains you can have. And from me having so many tubes put in because the infection wasn't caught soon enough, now I actually have documented hearing loss from all the scar tissue build up. I am a candidate for hearing aids in BOTH my ears, but insurance wont cover them and I cannot afford them.

A lot of times, the ear infection gets very bad before I take my child to the doctor because I don't catch it soon enough, and by that time they are already miserable and in excruciating pain. So if the EarCheck can help me catch my child's infection soon enough so they may not need tubes, this means a whole lot to me.

Now, with this new technology of the EarCheck, at a first sign of what I may think could be an ear infection, I can monitor the fluid levels.

The scanner is so easy and quick to use, and having a 7 month old and even my 3 yr. old daughter that don't like things in their ears, that is a wonderful feature.

How to use : It comes with a "verification tube" that you first use on the end of the monitor (the part you would put into the ear) and it helps to make sure your monitor is set correctly.
Then the next step is to push the scan button. It makes some neat beeping noises that actually made my children want to use it. If the "test" scan goes well, then it is ready to use.
You hold your child's ear up and back, stick the tip into your child's ear, just like a ea thermometer, and push the scan button again.

There are then 3 color-coded levels:
1 - green = fluid likely
2 - yellow = monitorr
3 through 5 - red = consult the Doctor

I am so happy I now have this device to use. A lot of times with my infant I had thought she may have an ear infection because she would show signs like tugging on her ears and being fussy. I would make the trip to the doctor, and there was nothing wrong. (the doctor says maybe she just was itchy) So this will help me to prevent all of those unnecessary trips. (and if your a mommy like me, I hate going to the Dr. with my kids, and picking up more germs there then they have in the first place, we usually come home, then they end up sick for real!!!)

I HIGHLY recommend this product to any new mommy, any mom that has children with reoccurring ear infections, basically if you have a child you should have this !!
I think this would make the PERFECT baby shower present. I wish I had this a long time ago.
And I am sure my mom does too, with all I went through.

Info. From Earcheck Site:
Check for a key sign of an ear infection.

It's not always easy to tell if your child has an ear infection, especially since symptoms can vary. Now, with the touch of a button, EarCheck® Middle Ear Monitor accurately and painlessly detects the presence of middle ear fluid, a key sign of an ear infection. Used by pediatricians for years, EarCheck helps you determine when your child might have an ear infection and allows for more meaningful conversations with your child's doctor.

It is made by INNOVIA Medical. It even comes with batteries, which I was impressed by. It has a retail value of $54.95 (but to me, it is WELL worth it) and it is available online at . And if you order online now you can get FREE shipping.

It is also available at the following retailers : Walmart, Babies R Us, Walgreens, CVS, and Target.

For more information, to download an informational brochure, please visit EarCheck today!


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