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FEATURE OF THE DAY: Hannahmade Soaps - review/giveaway

Welcome to Hannahmade Soaps & Scrubs

What they sell : Handmade Soaps, Dead Sea Salts, and Scrubs

Pamper Yourself with Luxurious Goat Milk Soap, Spa Quality Salts and Sensational Scrubs. Pamper your friends too! Tell us it is a gift and we'll gift wrap it and include a personalized card for free.


Hannah is child number 5 in our family, with 2 older sisters, 2 older brothers, 3 younger sisters, and 4 younger brothers - yes, that is 12 in all! :) Hannah is our oldest daughter still at home, and after realizing how quickly the teenage years pass us by, I decided to give in to her pleas to make soap and cheese.

Hannah not only makes the soap, but she milks the goats daily, and is their primary caregiver. We also show the goats and have won many ribbons and trophies. After successfully launching the soaps locally at a summer green market, I finally decided to carve enough time out of my days (and nights) to work on establishing her business online.

More of Hannah's story can be found here:


When I received the package with the items in it, It made my whole mailbox and mail smell sooooo good, I couldn't wait to open it and see what it all was.

I got to review a bar of goats milk soap, cocoa butter scented(it is so cute, it is light yellow and in the shape of a sunflower), "ENERGY"bath salts (which were light blue little crystals), and "Warm Vanilla" Scrub (which was my favorite scent) it is sandy brown, and smells sooooooo good.

Well, I wanted to share the "experience" of trying these out with some other very special people, so I invited my mother and mother and father in law over to dinner one night. Afterwards, I promised a "spa night" WOW, was it a blast.

After eating a wonderful meal, I brought out all of these wonderful items. I first passed them all around for everyone to smell, everyone agreed that the Brown sugar scrub smelled very very nice. (My kids wanted to eat it!) Then I brought out some olive oil, which is in the directions as one thing you can use to do the scrub. I put the scrub crystals in every ones hands, then went back around with the olive oil.

My boys (ages 9 and 11) had looks of strangeness on their faces, my husband dropped his on the floor (Thank goodness for the new bissell) and everyone else thought it was neat (by the way, men and boys at a spa party, need to be taught what to do, lol)

I showed everyone how to scrub their hands and then I made them form a line at the bathroom sink. I ran warm water and rinsed off. OH MY GOSH !!! It felt sensational. The water beaded on my hands like a car in the car wash after being waxed, and my hands smelled sooooo good, and felt so soft, just like my 7 month old babies hands.

THIS PRODUCT was a hit with ALL of us. Even the men said," it felt so smoothe and nice". My 11 yr. old son didn't want to come away from the water, he said, "it is so soft and great feeling"
I just absolutely loved it, I am DEFINITELY going to buy some more. I have used top line spa products in the past and this is high quality just like those and to me has a much nicer smell.

"ENERGY" Bath Salts
How we tried this was just on our feet, as I said I am very sensitive to skin products so I was scared to do the whole bath. Instead I put it into the tub, and filled with warm water and me and my kids just stepped into the tub.

When coming out, all of our feet, of course smelled great, but also were baby soft. My 9 yr. old son while standing in the tub said, "mom I feel so rich!", and My 11 yr. old son replied, "well Charlie we are at the spa", lol I was cracking up, but it did feel like that, it felt really relaxing on my feet and nice. If you like bath salts you will like these. They are very pretty and smell beautifully.

All NATURAL Cocoa Butter Soap
When I was asked what scents I wanted to try I told them that I was sensitive and to just send me whatever they thought would be good. Well, in my shower yesterday, I tried this Natural Cocoa Butter soap, It smells fresh and I love the sunflower shape, would be an excellent gift. But what I mainly was concerned was again my sensitivity.

Well, let me tell you, It has been a long time since I have felt "pretty" being able to use "pretty soaps and washes". I usually have to use the plain old unscented stuff and as a woman I am always jealous because I can't use the nicer scents that I wish I could buy, they just break me all out in a rash and make me miserable.

But this soap is totally different. I don't know if it is because of the goats milk, or what, but I am able to use it no problem and what I like most is that I feel special now. So this is the way to go, if your feeling like me. I know I will be buying more of this, and I am not going to share !!!

A HUGE thank you to Hannahmadesoaps for letting me try these wonderful products and I am wishing you great success in your new business. I hope a lot of my readers will be supporting you buy making a purchase, as I know they will not be disappointed!

The cost for these products range, but for the most part they are a very reasonable $5.00 and believe me they are spa quality so you are getting a wonderful deal !!! And right now they are offering my readers this REALLY WONDERFUL DEAL !!

The first 5 people who place an order (any amount) will receive 2 sample bars with their choice of scents. Orders of $25 or more will receive their choice of bath salts, or sugar scrub free.
Make Sure when you order to email them to let them know you found this wonderful offer on their feature - review from my blog (Plussizemommy).


Vanilla and Peppermint Soaps

How awesome is that !!!!

They are also holding their own giveaway on Hannahmadesoaps that is open until January 31st.
When you go to the site to enter, comment that you saw their review here, and you will get 2 bonus entries !!!

The rules of their giveaway are below (as posted on their site Hannahmadesoaps.) -

You leave them a suggestion on how to increase our traffic. We'll ask some of our savvy blog friends to help us choose the best suggestion. The winner will receive a Sampler Package with one of *every* scent we have available.
Also in your comment tell us which scent you like best, and if there is one you like that we don't offer
Though it isn't a requirement for this contest, You might want to follow our blog. This is the first of many give-aways, and we want you to know about all of them.

(Grand prize Spa Package below)

You can also enter to win a Grand Prize by:
actually helping us drive traffic by sharing our contest with your friends. The more friends you send to enter, the better your chances of winning!

You can twitter, link back from your blog, facebook page, stumble, digg, etc. Just leave us a comment with the link showing us how you are spreading the word.
Only one entry per day, per method.

When you refer your friends or post about it, tell them to mention your name when they enter - that will be worth a double entry for each of you.

And since our main goal is not to just increase viewers, but ultimately increase sales - You'll get 10 entries for each purchase (and matching entries for any friends you refer that purchase - as long as they mention your name in the comment they leave us.)

The Grand prize will be a Spa in a Box - including a full size bar of soap,a soap holder, bath salts, a loofah sponge, and a sugar scrub, with scents of your choice. (As shown above)
Get those creative juices flowing, and tell all your friends to enter the contest too (which will net you more entries!)

Now for my blog giveaway: In my mission this week to support ETSY and Handmade Crafters, I had promised to anyone who showcased with me this week that they would get a present from me in return. I didn't tell what that would be and it may differ from crafter to crafter.
Since HANNAHMADESOAPS is a BRAND NEW business I want to Support her and to Thank her for sending me samples, which I know costs for her(which is especially hard when your just starting out).
I am offering a GIFT CERTIFICATE for $15.00 to HANNAHMADESOAPS for any of her products.
Like I said in an earlier post YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER of MY BLOG to WIN. And you must answer the following question in my comment section :


please answer in the comment section below. This contest begins at 12:01 AM on Monday January 26Th, 2009 and the winner will be drawn at 9:00 pm on January 26Th, 2009 (same day). Only one entry per contestant and again you MUST Follow my blog to win.
Winner will be announced on this blog and also will be emailed, so please make sure I have your contact info. If winner doesn't claim within 24 hours, another person will be picked. I am using for all drawings.



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