Saturday, January 17, 2009

Have You Ever Had a Kitchen Disaster ? - My mayhem with meatloaf

I keep having the most awful time cooking meatloaf and I am now going to give up !
Every time I cook meatloaf, which my family loves to eat, I either burn it, catch the oven on fire (yes I have done this), or it comes out 1/2 raw (ugh). Now every time I even say the word meat loaf in my house my family is like "Oh No Mommy, Not Again", and my hubby literally places the fire extinguisher near the oven!

Is there anyone out there who has a no fail meatloaf recipe ? If you are reading this and you can swear to me that it is a sure no fail way to cook it, so my house doesn't burn down, or we all get sick with food poisoning, comment and let me know !

Otherwise I am completely giving up, and my poor family will have to make do with frozen banquet meatloaf dinners :(

If you have ever had a kitchen disaster, I would love to hear about yours as well, that way I won't feel so bad. ("Misery Loves Company").

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Sabrae Carter said...

I gave up on meatloaf and trying to make it a long long time ago.. can't master that or lasanga! lol so if I want it i buy it already made! lol easy