Thursday, January 22, 2009

HERE WE GO........ STEELERS !!!! SuperBowl XLIII

Well, what can I say, The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the AFC championship once again and are heading to Tampa Bay to play against the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII !!!!

I have been a proud Steeler fan since I was born. I have Black and Gold in my blood, as we in the Steeler Nation Say.

I remember growing up meeting Mean Joe Green and Terri Bradshaw, and wonderful older players. I remember sitting next to my father dressed in black and gold and watching all of the games with him. When growing up, sometimes, I would be upset because I wasn't into sports too much, but as the years went on and I got older, I really started to watch.

My father was an avid Steeler fan, he had to have everything Steelers. And at every Super Bowl with them in it we always had a huge party. Everyone would come over and we would watch together and celebrate when they won, and get upset if they lost.

My mom would make hot sausage sandwiches, and my dad always made ham bbq's, we would have similar food as we do when celebrating the New Year. but a lot more of it usually.
My dad always had to have his diet Pepsi. And of course a lot of junk food (chips, pretzels, etc.), Occasionally we would have pizza or hoagies from the Triangle Bar, a popular hoagie place in Pittsburgh where you can buy a huge submarine hoagie. YUMMMY.

As I grew older yet and my daddy got ill and we would settle down the partying a bit, but we always would still watch the games. He taught me a whole lot about football, and that meant a lot to him to share that with me, since he never had a son. There is only me and my sister.

When my daddy passed away 7 years ago on Father's Day, I in my heart decided I wouldn't let him down, I would carry on his traditional Steeler passion and watch ever game I could and party like we did, and teach my kids what he has taught me. To me the Steelers mean so much more than a Football team, they are a part of growing up and being with my dad.

Also, when my dad died he didn't wish to be "layed out" in "funeral home attire" he had asked us to dress him in his black and gold, that is how much he loved the Steelers and football. So we did just that, he wore his favorite jersey, and we had a Steeler blanket over him, and was buried with his "Terrible Towel" and black and gold flowers and everything was decked out for his final Steeler farewell.

Since my father passed away, the Steelers have now made it to 2 Super bowls, and I know he is proud up there in Heaven looking down and routing him on. I bet he is waving his "Terrible Towel" and screaming at them to GO GO GO !!! - and he always liked to yell at the ref's too if they made a bad call.

I miss my daddy a whole lot, but I am so honored to be able to still be in this great town of PITTSBURGH, PA and be a part of this GREAT STEELER NATION !!! Daddy, this is in honor of you.

And for the rest of you, please enjoy !!!