Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Kind Of College - Website Review

My kind of College is an informational site with tons of drawings to teach college bound kids about college. It shows them what they can expect, what is expected of them, all the trials and tribulations that they may run into.

It is written by experienced college goers who have survived college and now are passing along the info. to try and help college newbies so they will know what they can expect before it happens.

This site is regularly updated with new articles and info. So the content is pretty "fresh" and keeps you coming back for more.

From the site :

So who are we? We are a site dedicated to helping you learn as much as you can about college and all of the wonderful surprises and challenges that it brings without having to suffer the learning curves that those of us who have already been through college had to go through. Our articles include the experiences of those getting ready to go to college, in college, and college graduates. In doing so we hope to create articles that provide helpful and practical advice. So feel free to check out our articles, they're here for you. We'll be adding more and more and more articles and you should come back and come back and come back again!

My review:
I personally found this site extremely easy to navigate, and fun with all of the cartoons. It is very informative and witty.I actually wish there was something like this to tell me about college before I went. I felt so out of the loop and had no idea what to expect. I really recommend that if you have a child that is college bound to tell them about this site and let them navigate the trenches online before they have to do it for real.


Michele said...

Wish I knew about this a year ago!
My son just left for ASU last year and I remember having to go over all the topics of money mngmt, credit cards, food, dorm life and rent since he has to stay over summer for sports. So much and he is still learning! So I will send the link to him. Sure i missed something!
Right now I am hoping he stays away from Mexico since all the news about deaths, drug trafficing, etc. He says the school and local government is issueing warnings, but, you still worry when they are so far and we no longer in control over every aspect of his life. I miss all that!

PlusSizeMommy said...

I know, I wish they had this when I was going to college too. Glad to help, and I hope it helps him as well. I really enjoyed the site, definitely will use in 6 years when my oldest goes to college.