Thursday, January 15, 2009

My new Little Best friend and helper - My Bissell Pet Hair Eraser - hand vacuum

I recently won a contest on I was so excited, this was one of my favorite items I have won so far.
It is the NEW Bissell Pet Hair Eraser corded hand vacuum !

I was anxiously awaiting its arrival and finally it came the other day. I ripped open the box, and tried it out right away. As it ends up, I LOVE IT !!!!

It is a light 4 pounds so it is so easy to use and it is a powerful little bugger. Because it is so light my kids can use it, even my 3 year old daughter ! and She loves it as well !!!

My 11 year old son couldn't wait to try it out, so he vacuumed my steps to our basement with it, and the cord is so nice and long it reached the entire length, he was so happy, no re-plugging it in.

Now every time there is even a crumb my daughter (who is 3) gets it out and sweeps it up within seconds ! I am LOVING this !!! My house is spotless, well, at least the floors and chairs are :)

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this for your house hold. Now, I haven't even tried it on pet hair yet, but I know it will work well, there is a special rubber like attachment that can go on it and it has these spiky things so that you can really get the hair up.

There is virtually no assembly required. The only thing to change is the 2 attachments. The release buttons are easy to switch between the hard attachment and the rubber one. It is also so easy to empty, and there is a HEPA filter in it, so people with allergies this is a huge plus !

I cannot wait to use it (when the weather warms up some) to clean out my car and SUV. The kids get so many crumbs in there. Also, another use that I found it works WONDERFULLY on for parents of small children/babies that have either bouncy seats or exersaucers, the hard attachment is thin enough to reach in between those hard to clean areas to get crumbs up. Also, I have used it on the highchair, and my toddlers train table, in between those hard to get places!

This is a wonderful little tool and a MUST have for your home. Thank you so much @pawluxury for the wonderful contest. And Thank you so much Bissell for this awesome powerful tool !!!

It comes with a 1 yr. warranty too, which is nice. - $34.99 value