Friday, January 2, 2009

"My Precious Kid" Child Safety Products and Gear Review:

As with most parents I am very concerned and conscientious when it comes to my children's safety. As you can imagine having 4 children and know where they are and what they are doing at all times can be a stressful and difficult task at times. Especially when we are out and about and it is them vs. just me. I pretty much always have to have "hawk eyes" and "octopus arms" to make sure they stay with me, or at least at a distance I deem safe.

Well, that being said, when I was recently on and saw a "tweet" come across that said, "Free Car Seat ID card to next 10 people who tweet back". I happily responded. So when the lady said I was one of the 10, I was even more happy !!!

Well, I didn't know really what to expect, but when it came in the mail, I was overjoyed !
It is just a little card, but to me has priceless value! Let me tell you a little more about it, and then, if you would like more info. I lead you the way so you can get some great safety items for your child(ren).

The Car Seat ID card: It is a little card that you can fill out with info. about your child, and it is in a plastic "tag holder" with a rubbery attachment cord, so you can put it onto your child's car seat. That way... God Forbid.. but better to be prepared than not... if something should ever happen like a car accident, and your not able to give the info. then the info. is all right there for the emergency response people to see.

On it there is a place for your child's photo, a medical release signature, a place to list any medical conditions your child may have (such as asthma, or allergies), your child's height, weight, The Doctor contact info. , and family emergency contacts. Yepp, all on one little handy card !
I just love this idea because it can really come in useful in the event something could occur.
I also love the quote on it, which reads " Let this product speak for your child when you cannot". That about sums it all up.

This company "My Precious Kid" also sells a whole array of other family safety products and baby gear. So, what are you waiting for ? Go check out their site now. There isn't a better time than now to make sure your children are safe. This particular product comes in a Child Safety Pack for $16.

As promised, here is the link to the site to get your own : and the phone # is 1-800-381-4577.

- And a HUGE THANK YOU to Kay Green and "My Precious Kid" via Twitter for holding this wonderful give away (and for letting me be a winner too) :) I have mine all ready to go for my child's seat (I will be buying another one soon, as I have 2 kids in car seats).

BE SAFE IN 2009 !!!


Sabrae Carter said...

ahhh and people wonder why I don't have kids! lol To much stress and worry!!! :)

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

That is so terrifying for people to think about yet so completely necessary. Wonderful that you brought it to our attention, great post!