Monday, November 3, 2008

Product Review Policies and Proceedures

Lately, I have been getting a lot of requests to do product reviews on my blog for various companies and on various products. I absolutely LOVE to do these reviews and add them to my blog. It is so fun to write about all kinds of different products and give other people insight and suggestions and idea's of how they work and tell them all about them.

This being said. I have to be sure that my faithful followers and blog readers are taken care of. One part of what my blog "stands for" is getting the word out about different topics and items. I love to share what I learn and what I love.

Therefore, I have come up with a set of policies that I request be followed if you or your company would like me to "subcontract" a review on my blog for you.
PLEASE NOTE : these rules do NOT apply to companies I work with or blog for, as they have their own rules I must follow. These rules also do not apply to reviews I choose to do on my own or giveaways I choose to do. Nor for products that I win off of another blog and choose to blog about.


  • I will only blog about and review products that I believe in and think will benefit the readers of this blog.
  • I will require compensation for my time for reviewing your product. This said compensation may be in the form of product or monetary. I take pride in what I do and I spend a lot of time and thought on my blog, so i think that some type of compensation is fair. This is to be determined when we set up the "review"
  • I will require at least 1 item of your product that I will use as a giveaway to my followers and readers, like I said, I value them, so they also need taken care of. I request this be directly sent from the company instead of by me, unless prior arrangements are made.
  • I will NOT post a blog about a product that I may think will be good but during the review fails to meet a certain standard in what I believe is the make up of a "good product", for example, if it breaks too easily, or doesn't seem safe to me, I will not post it. (which you probably would prefer, instead of a bad review)
  • I do however, reserve the right to post my whole hearted opinion on a product which does mean the good and the bad. I deem myself as an unbiased reviewer and I will live up to this for my readers.
  • A timely blog that is presented in a professional edited way from a non-professional mommy blogger/consumer.
  • A fair first read by the company before I announce the blog post (This means, as soon as I post the blog, the first person I contact will be the company to let them know the review was posted so they can read it before I would announce it on twitter or anywhere else where I have a following to draw people to my site. This way if there are errors in my post they can be caught before a whole bunch of people read it, THIS DOES NOT however mean, I will change my unbiased "findings' to satisfy the company in a bogus way, It is strictly for spelling errors, layout changes, etc. like this
  • I will let you know when the "giveaway" is finalized and report the winners mailing address to you so the product can get to them quickly.
  • I will only post the giveaway with some way the participants MUST visit your site to look around before they can win, so that you will have potential customers/clients from me blogging about it.
  • I will make sure all links to your site work so readers can go there to see more product or services.
  • I would like long term relationships with my "clients" for promotional reasons, so if in the future you would like me to do another review or another type of service(handing out fliers, tweeting about it on twitter, etc.) for your company, That professional relationship will be built between you and I.
  • A trustworthy mother/consumer who cares about products and will go to every extent I can to help get your brand out there and help promote your product or service.
If there is anything I missed or anything you would like clarified, please do not hesitate to ask me. I am very patient and easy to work with. My contact info. is :
I also can give you my cell # by request
and I also have Skype availability

DISCLAIMER : I do not represent in anyway that I am a Professional Reviewer. All Product reviews done by me are based on my own opinion that I reserve the right to have. I am not in any way affiliated by working for monetarily with any company for which I do product reviews for. Monetary or product compensation in no way sways my opinion for any products that I review. I have the right to keep, donate, gift, etc. any product that I review (my copy) after the review is posted. Please ask questions prior to me doing a review if you are unclear about any policies or disclaimer I have written. I have the right to change any of my policies or procedures in any way I deem necessary at any time, as this is my blog, and I am the one that is reflected upon on this blog. I will not in any way go against my personal beliefs, values, views, safety, for anyone or any company in any blog or writing that I do.