Sunday, January 25, 2009

"What is this ETSY ? all about ?"

A Few months ago when I was introduced to the world of blogging and Twitter, I kept hearing people talking about ETSY. I was like ummm, what the heck is that ? I had never heard of it before. So, I threw out the question on Twitter to get the answer.

I was told that it is like an "ebay" but for all things handmade, and that people have shops on there. Well, that just blew my mind away !! I was so excited to go to the site and find out more info. on it.

I journeyed over to the ETSY site and I was amazed. There is everything from Artwork - woodworking and everything in between. There is jewelry, soaps, prints, photography, candles, pottery, books, purses, scrap booking items, office supplies, pressed flowers, iron ons, glass work, bead work, vintage, Gothic, and baby dolls,.......geez, you can find anything in this online craft/handmade marketplace !!!

One of neat things, to me was that there are things from all around the world. You can find gifts you cannot get anywhere else, one of a kind. Gifts for the hard to buy person.

Well, I know that I am not the most techy person and I certainly do not know everything there is to know about the Internet and different sites, but I am positive that I am NOT the only one in the world that has never heard of ETSY before now.

SO, thus the reason I am bringing this blog your way today. You see, ETSY Shops and people who make handmade items, are on their own pretty much. They ARE the Little guys, The SMALL BUSINESS owners that we need to support in this country. So I wanted to do my part by helping them out. I want to get the word out about ETSY and make it as well know as Ebay.

I am positive that if you take the time to go over to the ETSY site and browse around, you are sure to be amazed at all what is there and offered. Please, if everyone tells a couple of friends about this amazing site we can all get the word out and help these small business owners get a few new customers and sales.

Also, if you make handmade items, you can sell on the ETSY site too.

PLEASE go to the ETSY site TODAY and then come back and let me know what you think :)


Ashley said...

Thanks for getting the word out!!! Isn't Etsy wonderful!!! I find everything there.