Wednesday, January 21, 2009

YOUR EINVITED !!!! - customizable, print-at-home party favors

The Superbowl is right around the corner, so is the Oscars, and also Valentines Day! So why not CELEBRATE !!!

I realize that right now we are all suffering through some harsh economic times, but what is a better way to have a "pick me up" than a party !
And with this great new party site I found out about, you can have a fantastic party without the high costs.

Let me tell you how.
I am going to use the Oscar themed party (one I am actually going to do myself) .

1. Get your VIP PASS invitation from eInvite and the matching accessory box.
Here is a description of it from the eInvite Site:

VIP Pass

This clever box is the perfect accessory for an elegant party! Shown here being used for an Oscars Night celebration, this little favor box is sure to set the stage for the night ahead and make your party stand out from the rest. Fill this box with treats fit for an A-list star, to be served at the party or sent home with your guests. Heavier paper is recommended for the best presentation. Combine this with eInvite's exclusive VIP Pass invitation for a low-cost way to make your event one that they'll be talking about for months! Dress it up even more with Checkerboard's Admission Ticket invitation offered at and make it the most exclusive ticket in town.

2. Send it out to your friends, however many can comfortably fit into your home and have a seat so you can all view the Oscars together. (for me that would be about 10 people)

3. Have your guests dress up as if they are either movie stars or as if they are actually attending the Oscars celebration.

4. Roll out a Red Carpet on your front walk way, and while guest are arriving have someone taking pictures and video of them. (If your fortunate enough to have a photo printer, print some pics for your guests to take home, while your watching the Oscars, when the show is over the pics should be done printing. - A cute keepsake for them so they wont forget this night)

5. Have special Oscar themed decorations up around your home where the guests will be.

6. Provide snacks and drinks for your guests to have while watching the Oscars on television.

7. Use the take home " VIP treat boxes" from eInvite as a party favor to send home with your guests so they won't forget this special night.

This is a very inexpensive way to have what will seem like a Star Studded fancy night. Your friends will truly feel like they are VIP's.

eInvite has so many options to choose from wedding, baby, party, business, holiday, stationary, announcements, and so much more. Check out eInvite today for your next great gathering !!

And it is so quick and easy to do.

  • Select your coordinating party favor and enter your text.
  • Choose the ink color and type style from dozens of choices.
  • Download and print on your home printer.
  • Cut and assemble your party favor with easy-to-follow instructions.

Enjoy your party favors!


Sabrae Carter said...

lol! those are awesome! i can't wait til the superbowl! i will be watching it all alone at home while the wife is at work!