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DAN ZANES ! - Festival Five Records - Review/Giveaway !!!

If you have children and have ever watched The Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney on television, then you HAVE to know who Dan Zanes is ! He sings the famous,"Catch That Train"(which won Grammy award), "Let's Shake", "House Party Time", "All around the kitchen", "Malti", "Hello", and "Smile, Smile, Smile" ~ just to name a few.

Dan Zanes sings to many audiences and sings in a multitude of languages and folk songs from a plethora of backgrounds and nationalities.

This is music that my 8 month old daughter moves along to, as well as my 3 yr. old daughter, as well as myself ! I can share the love of music with my family with any of the songs Dan Zanes sings, because we ALL enjoy it.

His Music is moving, and fun, and has meaning. His songs are inspirational and bring back old memories as well as hope and spirit of the future.

He has worked with many cultures and prestigious people. His music can make you laugh and get crazy, or make you think about the world and wonder where the paths of our future lies ahead. His music helps get into your soul down deep and moves you. It is like an earthquake of your soul which then takes over your body.

A lot of Dan Zanes albums are benefit albums where proceeds go to a variety of causes. This factor just makes Mr. Zanes that much better of a musician because he CARES!
He has had albums that benefited Children in Crisis and The New Sanctuary Movement.

Quoted from his website : (Within Dan Zanes Music you can find) ~

"a sea shanty, a West Indian waltz, a few woody tunes, a Jewish wedding poem set to music, an old time nonsense number, a lyrical rock and roll song, an updated spiritual, a couple of forties pop standards, and many more melodic moments. "
"is filled to the brim with dance songs, sing along songs, funny songs, emotional songs, and others that may be stuck in your head for days at a time (as they were in mine)."
"acoustic cd of handmade songs for the all-ages underground will fill the air with lyrical, organic, sounds and songs."
" a natural blend of folk, rock and roll, fiddle tunes, a capella, hip hop, and dancehall."
"children's music with the raw spontaneity of early rock and roll, the handmade traditions of American folk and the breezy soulfulness of old time West Indian music,"
"North American gospel traditions"

I quoted his website, because I couldn't have described his musical reach any better myself, as he describes his music best.

Dan Zanes has won many Parents Choice Gold Awards and his albums have been Parents' Choice Approved.

I feel so honored to have been given the opportunity to review 2 of his newest Albums :
"Dan Zanes and Friends - The Welcome Table" ~ "Songs of Inspiration, Mystery, and Good Times". This album supports the NEW SANCTUARY MOVEMENT.
***Please consider buying this album to help this wonderful cause !*** - $12.98
My Review: It is a wonderful album that is so moving, as is any of his albums. This one truly makes you think about how it feels to be treated as "second class" and how we should treat everyone of every nationality and culture equally. Not any one people are above any other. I would have to say the gospel song "By and By" is my favorite, although I love the whole album.
I am just very into gospel music that moves me. My children love this up beat gospel song as well. I also love Father Goose and he is in this song, his voice just tingles my entire body.

The second album I was given to review is : "¡Nueva York! " ~ $15.00 value (an independent music awards winner 2009!)

From Website :
“This CD is the sound of my band and I working with our Latino friends here in Nueva York. While the conversations about who should and shouldn't live here in the USA rages on, we’re having a 21st century party celebrating some of the amazing culture that’s come here from various parts of Latin America. The spirit of collaboration and friendship has made this for me the most emotional and exciting of the Dan Zanes and Friends CDs. Did I mention that we ate great food and laughed a lot?”

“Friends” for this musical party include Zanes' group Colin Brooks, Sonia De Los Santos, John Foti, Saskia Sunshine Lane, and Elena Moon Park along with ranchera and jazz singer Lila Downs, singer and actress Daphne Rubin-Vega, Mexican trio The Villa-Lobos brothers, frequent Zanes collaborators The Rubi Theater Company, avant-garde guitarist Marc Ribot and Afro-Colombian roots ensemble La Cumbiamba Eneye making ¡Nueva York! a wild, 21st century party of the sort that is sure to be springing up more and more as musicians and their friends build musical bridges with songs that can connect us all.
¡Vivan las canciones del mundo de habla hispana!

Dan Zanes never ceases to amaze me. He once again has put his all into this wonderful album. It is almost as if he can read into my heart and feelings when he sings. His lyrics are so dear in my heart. My feelings and my life's work is just as his, only he sings it. I am only writing a little blog in my part of this world, but if I can make one difference in the world, I would feel so Blessed for it. I KNOW that Dan Zanes is making a difference. His music being listened to by children all over this wonderful Earth is a wondrous thing in itself.

From the very first VERY UPBEAT song - El Pescador to (what sounds like a lullaby to me)Mi Luna (the last song of the album), this CD keeps you going. If you don't desire to dance and be happy with this CD, it is my opinion that something is very wrong with you !!!
After all, I am a very depressed person, and I was movin and groovin!

"¡Nueva York! " has music from Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican, and Nicaragua to name a few. My favorite song on this album is "Pollito Chicken", I love the children singing in it, and I just think it is such a cute song. "Mi Luna" is a beautiful song. I am VERY unfortunate that I do not speak nor know any Spanish or Portuguese, so I don't know what they are saying, but It is so soothing and lovely, and their soft voices are soo sooo sooooo nice to listen too. I like to listen to this song when I am putting my babies down for a nap, and when I get some quiet time. It unstresses me and makes me feel so warm and cozy all over.

Well, as You can probably tell by now, my family and I LOVE Dan Zanes, and like I stated in the beginning of my post, when I said I am totally HONORED to review these 2 albums I meant it.
This is some of the finest music I have heard in a long long time. I like all genres of music, but there is just something about Dan Zanes and Friends that touches my heart like no other.
I think this music comes totally from the heart and you can "FEEL" it in each and every song.

Giveaway - Well, the absolutely fabulous people at Festival Five Records are letting me give to one EXTREMELY lucky reader of my blog the "¡Nueva York! " CD !!!
Here is how you can win:

1. You MUST agree to leave me your email address, which will be sent to Festival Five Records to be added to the Dan Zanes mailing list. (This is the MANDATORY step in this giveaway to enter)

1. Comment and answer to me, Where is Dan Zanes originally from? (2 bonus points for correct answer)
2. Follow my blog (just click follow and it is done)
3.Register via RSS feed or by email to my blog (2 bonus points) ~ you just have to click on my zebra at the top left of my blog, it is that simple.
4. Comment and tell me another blog that you think I should check out, we are spreading bloggy love, so please do not leave me your own blog
5. post my blog button to your blog and comment and let me know and where on your blog it is so I can find it.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for entering my giveaway and for reading my blog, I really appreciate all your blog love and I totally am excited you are walking with me on my blog journey, my readers mean so much to me.
Have A Wonderful Day and GOOD LUCK to you !!!

This giveaway starts immediately and will end on the last day of the month February 28th at 2pm. Winner will be chosen by Winner will have 24 hours to get me their home addresses so I can have their CD sent to them. Winner will be emailed by March 1st and will also be posted on this blog.

*** I also wanted to let you all know that Dan Zanes and Friends are going on tour this Spring, and I have included some tour stops and dates below, if they are coming to your city or even nearby, you WON'T want to miss this fabulous show, A GREAT outing for your whole family!***

saturday, february 28 princeton, nj mccarter theatre center

sunday, march 1 montclair, nj the wellmont theatre

saturday, march 7 richmond, va modlin center for the arts

sunday, march 8 gainesville, fl phillips center for the performing arts

thursday, march 12 santa barbara, ca lobero theatre

saturday, march 14 los angeles, ca royce hall

sunday, march 15 los angeles, ca royce hall

thursday, march 19 manama, kingdom of bahrain spring of culture festival

friday, march 20 manama, kingdom of bahrain spring of culture festival

friday, march 27 independence, oh independence middle school

saturday, march 28 columbus, oh mershon auditorium @ wexner center for the arts

sunday, march 29 ann arbor, mi rackham hall

to see more tour dates please click HERE > DZ TOUR DATES


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