Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Finding Joy" DVD review/giveaway

Finding Joy - Rated PG

This Independent Feature Film is about a woman who lacks self confidence, and has very low self esteem. She wants to be a singer, but she cannot sing !
She then takes in a stray dog, named Raffi, and he life changes right away. Her best friend moves in with her, and then she meets a man. The man encourages her to perform with him at a local pizza place.
She takes him up on the offer, but uses masks and wigs to hide herself, as she is still learning to sing.
Despite the singing, They fall into a relationship which has many ups and downs.
This movie takes place in an artsy country town where folk music is popular.
This is a very inspiring romantic comedy that builds upon the themes of friendship, love, self esteem, and finally the love of dogs !

You can see more at :

Billie Dean and Andrew Einspruch are the actors.

I found this movie to be very inspiring, as a person with low self esteem myself, I really like how this all came together and gives hope to people like me. Since I am a Spiritual person, this aspect of the movie moved me as well. And the fact that is is REAL.
If you are an animal lover, you will also find this to be a wonderful, moving, funny, movie.
I really enjoyed watching it, and Now you can too.

Giveaway: "Finding Joy" DVD

How to enter:
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2. Leave a comment telling me how a pet inspired you, or helped you.

3. Tell me about your favorite pet in my comment section.

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5. Visit and comment to me what their vision is

This giveaway starts today and ends on 2/24/2009 at 7pm eastern time.
Winner will be selected by ---- GOOD LUCK !!!

If you are not selected as the winner Mr. Andrew Einsprunch is such a wonderful man, that if you go to his site and make a purchase, he is donating 10% of the sales to the charity of my choice, which I am making my charity be where a fellow twitter,mommy blogger, woman business owner, and friend, has told me about. You probably may have heard of her or her website Skimbaco LifeStyle ? and Her name is Katja Presnal. She is also one of the Walmart 11moms, so you can also find her there.

If you go to Katja's blog and click on Beagle Diary, you will see and "feel" her love for dogs. You can read about how her adopted from a shelter (Humane Society) "4- legged son" Frank meant so much to her, and his travels with her and what a faithful friend he was, even though he was a little silly too.
And how sad it was when he passed on and how they wanted another dog so badly but had hardships and where she lives dogs are expensive.

You can then read how her families very special Christmas wish was a new puppy and how it was granted to them from some very special people.
Now she rescued another dog from the shelter and his name is Austin and he is a Beagle. And now on her blog she tells about his adventures with her and her family and how much they love him. He is a very cute pup, I must say !!!

I am so happy for Katja and her family and I am so happy that they rescued their dogs from Shelters. For this I am naming the 10% donations which Mr. Einsprunch is passing along to my choice of favorite animal charities on to the charity which is the shelter where they adopted Austin from. It is called the
The donations will be in the memory of Frank, the dear 4-legged son they lost's name.
Please help by making a purchase and helping Frank to be remembered and also to help the shelter, therefore helping even more and more animals find great homes and live out happy lives. And more and more pet adopters can FIND THEIR JOY too !!!


beth said...

I follow your blog
We just recently adopted 2 Australian Shepherd Collie Mixes and it was a big change in our lives - going from no dogs with 3 kids to 2 dogs with 3 kids. But it has been so much for the better. They are so loveable and so much fun. It has helped me with my exercise as I get to walk them each everyday and just play more.
Thank you for a great giveaway!

Katja said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me and supporting a charity of my choice.

Austin, the beagle, has been such a blessing to our family! Our first dog was more like my and my husband's dog, and he didn't play that much with the kids. Now it's amazing to see how responsibly kids are taking care of their dog and how the dog absolutely adores the kids.

Together We Save said...

Our dog is a member of our family. We got him over a year ago and I can't imagine our home without our dog.

Beth said...

My favorite pets are my cats, Reba and Ruby. They are the best friends my husband and I have!

The Consumer Queen said...

Daisy Inspired me as she was a rescue dog and was abused. She toaught me love along with patience as we had to work with her to the normal happy dog she is today. Oh and did I mention spoiled?

The Consumer Queen said...

Well Isabella is my favorite pet she is the one that when I have a bad day she makes everthing seem ok. She knows when I am sick or feeling bad ahd she comes and cuddles with me