Saturday, February 28, 2009

The kgb - A Wealth of Info. at your fingertips!

From their website :

We're turning information into knowledge. We're giving it to you anywhere.
kgb is better information, better served.


kgb is a website where you can go to learn sooooo much information. It is like a reference book at your fingertips. kgb can be found online at kgb_web, but you can also get it onto your cell phone (at kgb_mobile)so you have it with you everywhere!

You can find out facts, what something is made of, ask questions, and get so much knowledge, your friends will think your a walking encyclopedia !

Here are some questions you can get answers to :

How many songs can a 32gb ipod hold ?
What is the difference between white eggs and brown eggs ?
How many feet is in a mile ?
How tall is the empire state building?
How do cats purr ?
Why is yawning contagious?

Get the answers to these and so soo sooo much more at kgb !!!

Oh and if your wondering (like I was) what does kgb stand for ? It is Knowledge Generation Bureau.

go try kgb today and start boggling your brain with all the new information you will be adding :)