Saturday, February 28, 2009

Save Time and gas with Nearby Now ~

With today's economy and gas prices so unpredictable and usually high, a tool you can use to save not only money but also your precious time is NearbyNow. It is a website tool that you can put in a product your looking for and it will show you the quickest,closest place to get it. It will even call ahead for you and make sure it is in stock !!!

It is a FREE online service that is sure to save you Big Bucks. NearbyNow lets you browse using product,brand, or retailers names. It will even show you SALES !!!

From the website :

NearbyNow’s mission is to enable anyone, anywhere to find the nearest place to buy anything.


~ and in today's world who doesn't need this service !!!

" In addition, you’ll receive directions to the local stores where these items are currently available (and the name of a helpful clerk), as well as the opportunity to feel and even try on the items before purchasing."

"The service is aimed at savvy consumers who enjoy using the web but who would also prefer to personally examine potential items at brick-and-mortar shops before buying them. By combining unique inventory search tools plus customer service associates who connect consumers with trusted retailers, eliminates the uncertainty of Internet shopping, as well as the sheer frustration that often results when local stores don't carry specific items and shoppers end up searching all over town."

Visit NearbyNow today and start saving time and money !!