Friday, February 27, 2009

The Story of the Most Magnanimous Mother

Once upon a time in a little town not too far away there was a baby girl born 62 years ago. The mother and father decided to name her Holly. Just Holly, no middle name, but a sweet simple single name. In the baby name book ~ Holly is Old English meaning, "Holly Tree". Little did her parents know at the time the life this little lady would lead. I know every parent has high hopes for their children, but I doubt they would ever have ever known what an impact their little Holly would have on the people she has touched in her life.

Holly was the youngest of four children. Although being the youngest, when she was old enough it is almost like she became the caregiver to her older sister and brothers and their families during rough times in their lives. Thus the story of a caregiver begins...

She was very young when he sisters and brother left home and got married. But even being a teen she would be there for them when she could during rough spots in their marriages and their lives. She would babysit for them after they had children, and when she got married at the tender age of 16, she would still be there and have their children over to her house if they needed her.

However, her care - giving didn't stop there. When she had her first born daughter, she took care of her and worked hard to provide for her and when her husband would be out of work, she had to care for all of them to make ends meet and keep the household going. She then had a second daughter for whom she would also care for, still all the while working. She could never have the "luxury" of being a "stay at home mom" because her husbands pay wasn't enough to cover the costs of the household.

Little did she know that the prior care giving she did was nothing compared to what was coming her way, but I think it was God's way of preparing her for what the devil had in store.
After being married for over 20 years and having 2 children, In 1984her devotedness was put to the most extreme test yet.

In 1984 her husband was diagnosed with fatal heart disease. He was told he wasn't going to get better and survival was slim. He was already a Diabetic, and never took care of himself well, so things were not good. He had to stop working and stay home. Around the same time this happened, Holly's now 16 yr. old daughter had found out she was pregnant, and Holly also had her 10 year old daughter to look after.

Holly was there for her husband, for every Doctor appointment, for ever test, for numerous stays in the hospital, and while he was ill at home. For more than 15 years she was there for him. He way outlived the doctors expectations (they had given him 5 years at best) but I believe ONLY because he had such a caring wife and family. His illness progressed to new heights, he eventually lost both legs due to the diabetes, had heart disease, and at the last year of his life he was in kidney failure and was on dialysis. This whole entire time Holly cared for him. She fixed his pills daily (he had over 15). She made sure he had handicapped accessibility in their home, she took care of him during his worst days. She cleaned his wounds after surgeries, and bandaged him up when necessary. She took care of him when even the sight of his amputations were too much for anyone else to bear.
The entire time, she worked 40 hour weeks to keep their home, food on the table, and the bills paid.

She helped to raise up her grandson, from her pregnant 16 yr. old daughter. He was about 5 by the time they left, when she finally got married and they moved. But while they lived there, Holly cared for him (the grandson). She took him back and forth to childcare on her way to and from work so her daughter could work and go to college. She made sure he was fed, and taken care of daily.

At the same time she still had her own other daughter to care for. Who was now a pre-teen to teen and those can be some of the hardest years to deal with. But yet, Holly STILL endured and did her best to take care of her. She was there for her when she was in the hospital for stomach ulcers.

After her husband passed away, Holly thought maybe that she may get a small break now since she didn't have a sick husband to care for anymore. This wasn't the case. You see by now, Holly didn't have just her two daughters and grandson. She now had her two daughters, their husbands, and 8 grandchildren. She was there through pregnancies, deliveries, to watch the sick grand babies, to help her sick daughters if they had the flu, or put their backs out and couldn't be there for their own kids.

She took off work (oh yes she still was working her 40 hours) and watched the grand kids when her youngest daughter underwent numerous surgeries for various things. She was there for her grandchildren tubes in ears, and tonsillitis, stitches, and other ailments. Holly was ALWAYS ALWAYS THERE. At the drop of a dime, if anyone ever needs her, she would call off work, even if it had to be unpaid, and hurt her being able to pay her own bills in the long run. She was always there to care for people. She never says NO, I can't be there.

Often times I wonder why she was never a nurse, but you know what, she WAS a nurse to her family and others. She just never went to school for it. She is not only a nurse, a caregiver, a daughter, a sister, a co-worker, a grandma, an aunt, but SHE ~ LITTLE HOLLY, is MY MOM.
The most caring, inspirational, loving, tender, person I know in the world.
She is ALWAYS HERE FOR ME and everyone. She is the best friend to anyone who knows her.
I am so proud to be able to call her MY MOM !

You have had such a hard rough life, and have been through such hard times. But You still endured, and your still here, strong and alive ! You are such an inspiration to me, I can only dream to be 1/2 the mom you are to me. Mom, I love you so much. THANK YOU for all you do.

I am nominating My Mom ~ Holly for this :My mom just retired last week, and this would be the best gift I could ever dream of giving her, if she can be the winner of "the most caring person I know".She definitely meets all of the requirements, actually exceeding them. Please consider her to win, as this would be so nice for her to get away and enjoy HERSELF for once and relax and have a great time ! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this story with you.

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Michele said...

It was a beautiful story. Is there a link to be able to vote? I visited the site and could not find it. (Tech challeged and using one hand)

From reading others I atill like yours.

Good luck!!

Franklin Regional said...

Thank you very much, I enjoyed writing it. My mom certainly deserves to win. I will be so excited for her if she does !!
Thank you for commenting !
Beth AKA PlusSizeMommy

ps. CVS has a panel of people that are picking the winners, so no voting, Thank you though :)