Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome to BRAG STREET.....

Brag Street is a Social network for family and kids. It is FREE, safe, and private.
Brag Street is a family-friendly, safe & private alternative to MySpace. It is a site geared towards families such as ours with a feel similar to MySpace and Facebook without the obvious predator and privacy issues. is a private Social Network where families (including youth) can create profiles with blogs, photos, etc., etc. However - the profiles are private unless the profile owner sends an invite to other friends/family. The profiles are not viewable in any way unless you invite that person.

It is very easy to use. You can invite Friends and family, and even import people from your facebook,myspace, and plaxo accounts.

There is a place to write Brag Books, Blog, Make and Take Polls, Plan Events, and send and get messages.
You can also find and follow Brag Street on Twitter, they are = @BragStreet

To start using this social network now please visit BragStreet and sign up today !
You can connect with and invite your friends to join too.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your post. We truly have spent countless hours working on a positive, and fun social network site that can be enjoyed by Family and Kids. I sincerely appreciate your consideration and interest in what we are doing here with BragStreet.

We can only hope to provide a positive force in this often scary world...

Enjoy your day!

Christian Connett
Co-Founder / CEO
Brag Street LLC

Franklin Regional said...

Thank you so much for providing a safe and free environment on the www for our kids. I am going to share this site with everyone who I know. I am even going to let out PTO know about it at the school. Moms are always concerned about their childrens involvement on the web, we even have had a police officer come and talk about keeping your kids safe and things you can look out for.
I really appreciate all your hard work and believe me all those countless hours matter and hopefully will save children from predators and the like.
Thank you again !
Beth AKA plussizemommy

ps. you may want to announce your site on
It is a site that has things moms like and people can vote for you (your site) you can check it out, I think it would be another great way to get the Bragstreet name out there, it is geared to moms, so I am sure you will get a lot of feedback and it is certain to get your name out there !!