Monday, February 2, 2009

Winners of the PRE - Superbowl, and 1/2 Time Superbowl parties :

Sorry this is up so late, I have been having a hectic day.
Without Further Ado.... Here are the winners, what they won, and who sponsored the prizes.
THANK YOU to everyone for joining us, for Donating Prizes (FABULOUS PRIZES), Thank you for your patience as this was a new venture for myself, and I was having technical difficulties and you all were kind and stood by and waited for me.

Thank You for Helping me in tremendous ways and for all your ideas and support PartyElizabeth !
Thank You for your Help Craftymamaof4. Without you two ladies, I wouldn't have been able to pull this off.

Thank You Everyone who helped me Tweet the contest, and #GOSTEELERS !

I hope you all had as much fun as I did and I hope to have something similar again soon, (maybe without sport questions, lol)

Okay, enough Chatter from me, CONGRATS TO THE FOLLOWING :

  1. Organizer Sandy Jenney - Won a $25 E- Tupperware Gift Certificate , Donated From @bargainhntngmom (Lana) Her Website
  2. - Won a Tropical Paradise Sugar Scrub valued over $30 , Donated from "Touch'd" (Rachel)
  3. (Emilee) - Won Hearts Ribbon Socks and Boutique Bow Combo valued at $8.00 , Donated From lil boo and co (ETSY SHOP) OR lil boo and co (BLOG).
  4. "Touch'd" (Rachel) - Won "Sleep Is Sacred" - Sleep Begets Sleep Book value $14.95, Donated by @Jareason (Jerri Ann) or
  5. Emilee - Won Cozy, Ipod, Mp3, cell phone, gadget holder (In Blue) valued at $5.00, Donated byMomyzmunymakerz's ETSY shop (Nanci Middleton)
  6. bab78 - Won a 500 word article, press release, or blog post from Freelance writer Teresa Hall valued at $40, Donated by Teresa Hall - Write about Everything , twitter ID @TeresaWrites4U . Her blog is :
  7. We had 4 Winners win the next prize, which are car seat ID tags from My Precious Kid.
These ID tags were Donated by Kay Green from @MyPreciousKid.

8. Carolyn Gonzalez - Won The NASCAR Jacket , Donated by Duane Myers &Mind Active Media AKA @PreppyDude on Twitter, Websites : MINDACTIVE & Zinfullydelicious

9. Erica Muller - Won a $5 Chevron Gas Card, Donated by (me) @plussizemommy

10. Organizer Sandy - Won a Computer Game , Donated from

11. CathyWebSavvyPR - Won a book called true angel stories “Then Along Came an Angel: Messengers of Deliverance” , Donated by

12. AMommysMusings - Won a Send Out Cards Gift Account that includes a card and a gift, there are over 13,000 cards to choose from , Donated by Jean Bentley of SendOutCards , Twitter ID @ SenderOfCards .

13. AMommysMusings - Won 3 cards from an ETSY shop (handmade by her and her little sister) , Donated by fishbowlsense, The ETSY SHOP is

14. tmstewart20 - Won a FREE MONTH of Web Hosting, FREE WP setup/installation plus some help with WP theme/customization (list of packages to choose from, winner chooses package!). , Donated by Erica Mueller - ,from: Networking Creatively, LLC. Twitter ID @fishbowlsense

15. MommyBrain - Won a Mosaic photo frame value of $40 from Ibreak4glass . Twitter ID @Ibreak4glass. ETSY shop owner Michelle Anderson. ETSY shop : Ibreak4glass

16. Sara Williams and tmstewart - BOTH WON a 1/2 hour each of PR/Social Media Sessions from CathyWebSavvyPR. Her Twitter ID : @CathyWebSavvyPR and her website is: - Cathy Larkin

17. Jen - Won a Book Called , "Successful Re careering" , Donated by Joyce A. Schwartz (author and consultant) , Twitter ID = @visionboard , Blog: and website for her new book : (Joyce Schwartz has personally worked with more than 20,000 people to change not only their jobs but their careers too ! This book has made headlines TWICE in Wall Street Journal.

18. Beverly Hines - Won ANY Eco - Toy or Treat of her choice, Donated from Paw Luxury, from Adam and Wendy and Lola (Woof Woof) Twitter ID = @Pawluxury Website :

19. Memal - Won a COMPLIMENTARY COMPANION AIRLINE TICKET for any US or International Flight Donated by : Sharnese Lanier , Twitter ID @tweetthiscruise

She will enjoy 5 Days/ 4 Nights in Either Acapulco, Cancun, Mazatlan, or Puerto Vallarta,
MEXICO !!!!! Donated GRACIOUSLY by Sharnese Lanier from

PLEASE TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZES, IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, PLEASE comment below or EMAIL ME at , so I can help connect the winners and the sponsors. I want to make sure everyone gets what they won !!!

THANK YOU ALL AGAIN FOR JOINING THE PARTY and I AM SO EXCITED that the STEELERS WON !!! This was a great night, and I hope to do something similar soon !!!

***If you would like to be a sponsor in one of my future giveaways, please email me, what you will donate, value of it, and who I should say is donating it, also contact info, so I can get the winner to you. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for thinking about being a Sponsor !!! ***