Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yanni Voices- Meet and Greet with MEEE !!!

Okay, so I have met some awesome people so far along my bloggy way, and it, I must say, has been a VERY exciting experience. I never knew I would meet such stars as I have within just the past year. Not only meeting them, but getting up close, and getting autographs, and pictures, and actually SPEAKING to them , hugging them, and it has just been such an experience.
A huge part of my new Blogging life that I am LOVING and I am just taking it all in and feeling a little starlit myself. I just wanted to share with you the latest STARS I have met and got to get autographs, video with, and also pictures with.

This is me with Ender Thomas and Nathan Pacheco from the brand new YANNI VOICES. This is a new "album" (CD) that is out and they will be touring starting in April 2009.

I must say these guys are pretty sexy too. It was very nice to meet them and hear them. Their accents just send shivers down my spine. I highly recommend that if the tour comes anywhere close to where you live, that you go to see it. You can check it out here : http://www.yanni.com/voices/
There are also clips of the music on the site so you can see what I am talking about when I say their accents just travel up your spine !!!

Now I can add them to my growing list of very prestigious stars/people I have met this year.
A. Paula Deen - Cook
B. Indiana Jones - Harrison Ford - Actor
C. Ender Thomas - Singer
D.Nathan Pacheco - Singer

** Not to mention the CEO of Walmart (USA) and other Prestigious people within Walmart**

Below you will find more info. about Yanni Voices.

Television Premiere : March 2 PBS Special
March 24 CD Release, April 10 Tour Begins
Video: http://www.yanni.com/Events/
Tour Info: http://yanni.com/Tour.aspx
One2One Network: http://www.one2onenetwork.com/index.cfm


Lori aka A Cowboy's Wife said...

THAT is a great picture of y'all! hubba hubba! :) It was great meeting you woman and getting you on the dance floor!

Mary said...

They are quite adorable and talented too. You're a lucky gal to have met them! So glad you had fun at BlissDom. Hope to get a chance to meet you soon!